“Mother-and-Son Street Style: Exploring the Fashion of Pax Thien and Angelina Jolie”

Angelina Jolie, a renowned American celebrity, and her child, Pax Thien, are often seen wearing effortless and cozy attire during their strolls.

On August 16, a mother-daughter duo explored various shops and galleries in the SoHo area of New York. Pax Thien, who is now 20 years old and originally from Ho Chi Minh City, donned a simple white sweatshirt, black jeans, Converse sneakers, a silver bear necklace, and a baseball cap. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie opted for an all-black ensemble featuring a blazer, straight-leg pants, and a lace tank top, complemented by C√©line’s Horizontal Cabas tote bag, which costs $1,850. In June, Pax Thien accompanied his mother and siblings Shiloh and Zahara for dinner, as captured by NYCPAP. Born to a mother who abandoned him soon after birth, Pax Thien was taken to the Tam Binh Orphanage Protection Center in HCMC. He was later adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2007 and given the name Pax Thien, meaning “peaceful sky.”

From his teenage years up to the present, Pax Thien has preferred to dress casually and with a sense of freedom. Despite being raised in a family of means, his mother instilled in him the value of living modestly and being prudent with his finances. His fashion choices typically consist of pieces such as t-shirts, button-downs, jeans, khakis, and sneakers from local brands that are reasonably priced. Photo credit: Backgrid.

Whenever Jolie and her mother go out, they consistently exhibit their love for monochromatic fashion and neutral color schemes. Their outfits are always in sync with each other. Photo: SplashNews

Last July, Pax and Jolie went out for dinner in a New York restaurant. Pax wore a stylish outfit consisting of a matching T-shirt and sneakers. Meanwhile, Jolie opted for a black ensemble paired with doll shoes, which is currently a popular trend due to the ballet shoe influence. A photo captured their chic fashion choices.

During a trip to Heathrow airport with his mother last summer, Pax sported a stylish grey Dior jacket along with matching sneakers – a rare instance of him donning luxury fashion. Meanwhile, Jolie was seen clad in a 1,399 USD Valentino-designed set of pajamas and a pair of 750 USD slippers, which she accessorized with a Saint Laurent quilted bag. A photo captured the two in their fashionable attires. Photo credit goes to SplashNews.

During a different event, the dynamic duo flaunted their fashion sense by sporting trendy sunglasses. Elle magazine praised Pax’s artistic vibe that he exuded with his round-rimmed hippie glasses, puffy bangs, bear-print sweatshirt, and khaki pants. On the other hand, Jolie opted for a more classic look with her white dress and nude trench coat. A photo of the two was captured by Mega.

From time to time, Pax flaunts his artistic side by donning silver rings on multiple fingers. Both he and his mother prefer a minimalist approach when it comes to attire, opting for basic T-shirts and straight-cut pants. This photo was captured by Backgrid.

While shopping in Los Angeles back in 2019, a mother and her daughter donned matching black and white outfits complete with patterned jackets. The snapshot was captured by Mega.

At times, Pax Thien chooses to dress sporty by donning a Nike hoodie and high-top sneakers, while Angelina Jolie flaunts her timeless style with an elegant beige trench coat and aviator sunglasses. This photo was captured by Image Direct.

As per an article on People, Jolie has expressed her admiration for her child’s versatility, quick-wittedness, and loving nature. Her child frequently aids her in carrying objects, opening car doors, and escorting her while crossing the road. The photo credits go to SplashNews.

This was the first time the two were seen out in public since the outbreak in 2020. The American celebrity was dressed in a beautiful cream dress from The Row which reminded spectators of Daisy Ridley’s character in the Star Wars franchise. Pax Thien, on the other hand, was seen wearing black pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a baseball cap from the FTP brand. A photo captured the duo on the street.

In 2021, Pax Thien visited Jolie’s former spouse Jonny Lee Miller’s apartment while wearing a casual outfit. He paired a striped shirt with a T-shirt and sneakers that matched his jeans. Meanwhile, Jolie appeared stunning in a simple but chic maxi dress and accessorized her look with beige bucket bags and high-heeled sandals. This image was captured by Backgrid.

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