On His Monument, A Dog Who Passed 100 Years Ago Is Still Receiving Stick Gifts

This story is about a wet-nosed character named Rex. We all know that dogs are the smartest and most devoted pets you can have.

Rex was a dog who lived over a 100 years. Residents of the city, on the other hand, recall John Snow’s friendly dog, who was the pet of a kind food vendor.

Rex was his owner’s favorite pet, and the two didn’t even part after he died. The loyal dog is buried with John at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

The renowned residents of Green-Wood Cemetery in south Brooklyn range from artists and singers to Civil War generals and politicians.

However, one tucked-away grave has recently attracted a lot more attention than it has in the past.

Rex, a bronze statue of a dog sitting on a stone platform with his name engraved on it, stands among the thousands of angels and obelisks.

For far over a century, Rex has stood vigil over his owner’s acreage near the corner of Sycamore and Greenbough Avenues – and he’s still a very good boy.

He was the “American Hachiko” that had always and forever loved his owner!

A snapshot from his grave was recently shared on Twitter. It demonstrates that locals continue to leave sticks and small branches of trees near his monument.

When it went viral, the most common question people had was, “Why are people doing this?”

Later, a Brooklyn resident reacted, explaining that the sticks are a memorial to a specific dog that their grandparents tell them about.

Residents who have lost their pets also visit Rex’s cemetery, placing sticks in his bronze paws and requesting a favor.

To care for their much-missed pets till they can see them again! I hope he’s doing a fantastic job in heaven with those adoring pets!

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