Paris Fashion Week Style File: Cardi B in Thom Browne and Fendi

Miss Cardi B has been having a fun and fashionable week at the Couture shows in Paris. We featured her in a Schiaparelli front row rundown, but considering how hard the lady’s been serving in the last few days, we figured she should get a spotlight post.

At the Fendi Couture Fashion Show

As we noted when Sydney Sweeney wore a similar sequined gown to the Armani Prive show, this is a LOT for a front row look, but the Paris Couture shows are absolutely the time and place to really go for it. It’s not required, but no one’s going to side-eye anyone for treating it like a parade or a personal red carpet. The color of the gown looks fantastic on her and the head styling is superb. She looks gorgeous.

At the Thom Browne Couture Fashion Show

We’ve got to give her credit because she seems really good at landing on the right vibe for each show. If you can’t get a little surreal and bizarre walking into a Thom Browne show, when can you? We don’t actually think the headpiece goes with the dress all that well, but we’d be missing the point of it if we got hung up on that idea. The point is to serve up the kind of drama that has security guys holding back crowds. Nailed it.

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