“Party of the Year: Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton rock Miami with their iconic hits on New Year’s Eve, joined by Paris Hilton, Sia, and David Byrne”

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton, her godmother, took to the stage at Miley’s Miami New Year’s Eve Party, looking stunning and showing off their legs. Miley wore a tight-fitting black dress that ended just above her thighs, and paired it with high heels. Her blonde hair was left untamed and fell straight down her back, while she flashed a wide smile.

Leggy: Miley Cyrus and her godmother looked leggy as they got onstage together at Miley¿s New Year¿s Eve Party in Los Angeles on Saturday night

Skintight: The 30-year-old singer-songwriter wore a skintight black dress that ended high on her thighs. She stood on tall high heels

Miley Cyrus and her godmother, Dolly Parton, wowed the audience with their stunning outfits at Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party in Miami over the weekend. Miley donned a tight black dress that accentuated her long legs, while Dolly opted for a black jumpsuit with sheer fabric on her arms and legs. The two singers performed “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” together before Dolly changed into another outfit. The duo received praise for their impressive performance and fashion choices.

Low-cut: The neckline of Dolly's top plunged to the middle of her chest, as Miley's opted to highlight her legs in the black minidress, which also showed off her figure with its form-fitting design

Dolly’s top displayed a daring low neckline that reached the midway point of her chest, while Miley chose to draw attention to her legs with a short black dress that hugged her curves perfectly.

Letting her hair down: She let her messy blonde fall straight down her back as she flashed a big grin

Relaxing her mane: With a wide smile on her face, she allowed her disheveled blonde tresses to cascade down her spine.

Revealing: Dolly's ensemble showed skin with slits down the side of each leg, along with the plunging neckline, while her goddaughter gave more than a few hints of her figure with opening along the side of her mini dress

Dolly and her goddaughter, Miley, made quite the fashion statement at their recent performance. Dolly’s outfit had slits on both sides of her legs and a low-cut neckline, while Miley’s mini dress had an opening on the side that showed off her curves. Later, Dolly changed into a long white dress to complement Miley’s black gown. As they took the stage, the duo sang a medley of songs and linked arms before the clock struck midnight. They started with “Wrecking Ball” and transitioned into Dolly’s classic hit, “I Will Always Love You,” counting down to the New Year together.

Another outfit: Dolly and Miley performed I Love Rock ¿n¿ Roll originally before the 9 to 5 singer went for a wardrobe change

A different attire: Dolly and Miley rocked out to the classic hit I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, but after a while, the 9 to 5 songstress decided to switch up her look.

Changing into white: She returned in a long white dress to offset the similarly-cut black gown that her goddaughter wore

Switching to a lighter color scheme, she arrived in a flowing white dress that contrasted beautifully with the black gown her goddaughter was donning.

Holding hands: The pair held hands as they sang a medley of songs before the clock struck midnight on the east coast

Interlocking fingers: The couple interlocked their fingers, belting out a variety of tunes just moments before the stroke of midnight on the eastern seaboard.

Medley: Dolly and Miley began with Wrecking Ball before morphing into Dolly's hit song I Will Always Love You. They then counted down toward midnight together

Dolly and Miley kicked off their performance with a rendition of “Wrecking Ball” before transitioning into Dolly’s classic hit “I Will Always Love You.” Together, they counted down to the New Year. Miley also brought Paris Hilton on stage for a duet, and she changed into a hot pink dress with a front slit while Paris wore a sparkling matte pink dress. Miley matched her lipstick to her outfit, and her blonde hair was styled up in the back and cascaded down her chest in the front. Meanwhile, Paris accessorized with a stunning diamond choker and posed alongside the former Disney star.

Golden girl: The Night Crawling performer made a number of wardrobe changes during the festive celebration, which included slipping into this golden sequin number with dangling strips along the bottom portion

The performer, who is known for her Night Crawling act, had multiple outfit changes during the holiday festivities. One of her standout looks was a dazzling golden sequin dress adorned with strips that dangled from the bottom section.

Sparkling: The one-shoulder dress had an assortment of colors such as gold, yellow, orange, tan and burgundy

Glittering: The single-shoulder outfit displayed an array of hues comprising of golden, sunny yellow, fiery orange, sandy tan and deep burgundy.

Pretty in pink: Miley was also joined onstage by Paris Hilton, and the Wrecking Ball singer decided on a wardrobe change for their duet

In a lovely shade of pink, Miley took the stage with Paris Hilton for a duet. However, the Wrecking Ball singer opted for a different outfit for their performance.

Hot pink: She changed to a hot pink dress slit down the front while Paris, 41, wore a matte pink dress which sparkled underneath the stage lights

In a wardrobe switch-up, she flaunted a hot pink dress with a front slit, while her companion Paris opted for a matte pink outfit that shimmered under the glare of the stage lights.

Matching: The New York native matched her lipstick to her outfit while her blonde hair was pulled up in the back and fell down to the bottom of her chest in front

She coordinated her lip color with her attire, being a New York native. Her blond hair was styled in an updo at the back, while the front cascaded down to the lower part of her chest.

Choker: Paris added a huge diamond choker to her ensemble as she struck a number of poses alongside the former Disney star

Paris accentuated her outfit with a massive diamond choker as she posed alongside the ex-Disney celebrity.

Leggy elegance: The pop star also added elegance to her array of ensembles during the NYE celebration, including this olive and orange gown with a slit on the side to help her flaunt her gams

The pop star showed off her chic style during the New Year’s Eve celebration with a variety of ensembles. One standout dress was an olive and orange gown that featured a side slit to emphasize her long legs. Sia also performed on stage wearing a large gray robe adorned with floral print. She donned a curly wig in classic blonde and brunette shades that covered her eyes, topped off with a bold red bow. The 47-year-old singer joined Miley for a lively performance, while Paris Hilton completed the trio of superstars who shared a heartwarming embrace as they finished their rendition of “Stars Are Blind.”

Another famous face: Sia hit the main stage as well in large gray robe covered in floral print

Another well-known personality, Sia, also graced the main stage wearing a sizable gray robe adorned with floral patterns.

Keeping her identity low-key: She donned a classic blonde and brunette curly wig which covered her eyes

To maintain a low profile, she chose to wear a timeless wig with blonde and brunette curls that effectively concealed her eyes.

Accessory: A huge red bow sat atop the wig as the 47-year-old sang alongside a very expressive Miley

The 47-year-old performer sported a large red bow on her wig while singing alongside the animated Miley.

Big three: Hilton completed the trio of superstars who embraced as their performance together came to a close

The trio of big names, including Hilton, shared a warm embrace to mark the end of their joint performance.

Blue suit: Talking Heads star David Byrne donned a vibrant blue suit with a black turtleneck underneath her blazer. His short blonde hair was brushed off to the right

David Byrne, legendary frontman of Talking Heads, sported a flashy blue suit paired with a sleek black turtleneck underneath his blazer. His signature short blonde locks were neatly slicked to the right.

Sneakers: He added white sneakers to the outfit

David Byrne looked dapper in a bright blue suit paired with a black turtleneck, while sporting his short blonde hair brushed to the side. He completed his look by adding white sneakers. The duo performed David Bowie’s hit song, “Let’s Dance.” Miley Cyrus looked stunning in a silver dress with a unique wing-like piece extending from her arm. In addition to her performance, she also displayed her acting skills in a skit with Dolly Parton and SNL stars Sarah Sherman and Chloe Fineman. The skit involved Miley and Dolly discussing the need for understudies, and they recruited the two comedians for the task. Sherman joked about not understanding why she was chosen when Dolly looked like a superstar and she resembled Edward Scissorhands after attending art school. The skit continued with the comics trying to master the Southern accents and changing their wardrobes.

Dancing: The pair sang Let's Dance, the popular David Bowie song together

Getting their groove on, the duo belted out the well-known tune “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie.

Leggy gown: Miley wore a gorgeous silver dress with a large wing-like piece of fabric extending down from her arm

Miley donned a stunning silver dress that highlighted her long legs. The outfit also featured a unique addition of fabric resembling wings that extended from her arm.

So talented: Miley didn't just perform onstage though

Seeing double: She also flexed her acting chops in a skit alongside Parton and Saturday Night Live standouts Sarah Sherman (left) and Chloe Fineman (right)

Summary: Miley Cyrus displayed her acting skills during a skit with Dolly Parton and Saturday Night Live stars Sarah Sherman and Chloe Fineman.

Rewritten: Miley Cyrus showcased her versatile talents not only through her electrifying performance on stage but also in a comedic sketch featuring Dolly Parton and popular Saturday Night Live actresses, Sarah Sherman and Chloe Fineman. Her acting prowess was on full display, leaving audiences entertained and impressed.

Understudies? In the sketch, Miley and Dolly agree that they may need understudies to step in for them in case anything happen, so they recruit the two comedians to help out

“Understudies? No problem!” Miley and Dolly discuss the possibility of having backup performers to fill in for them in case of emergency, and enlist the help of two comedic talents.

Self-deprecating: Fineman became Cyrus' understudy while Parton took Sherman under her wing though Sherman joked, 'I don't know why they picked me, you're Dolly Parton and I look like Edward Scissorhands went to art school!'

In a humorous turn of events, Fineman and Sherman found themselves as understudies to Cyrus and Parton, respectively. Despite joking about her own appearance, Sherman donned a costume similar to Parton’s and even added a fake bust to truly emulate the iconic country singer. However, her lack of awareness of the bust’s size led to a comical mishap as she accidentally knocked over a table of drinks. Parton brushed it off with a witty comment, and the two SNL stars were asked to sing. While Fineman refused to sing “Wrecking Ball,” Sherman confidently belted out her own rendition of “Jolene.” The New Year’s Eve Party also featured performances by Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, and FLETCHER, making for a lively affair.

Costume: Both SNL stars then showed themselves off to their real life inspirations in costumes

Attire: The two SNL celebrities proceeded to flaunt their outfits to the individuals who served as their muses in real life.

'Missing': Dolly quipped that something seemed to be 'missing' from Sherman's ensemble

Returning: Sherman went to try on a huge fake bust

“Dolly made a humorous observation that Sherman’s outfit was lacking something, prompting Sherman to experiment with a large artificial bust.”

Too excited: Unfortunately for Sherman, she didn't seem to know how far the bust went out and immediately knocked over a table full of drinks

Overly thrilled: Regrettably, Sherman’s excitement caused her to be unaware of the bust’s protrusion and she accidentally toppled a table brimming with beverages.

Common problem: Dolly quickly joked, 'I do it all the time!'

Frequent issue: Dolly made a humorous remark saying, “I frequently engage in that activity!”

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