“Rescued with a Loyal Heart: St. Bernards Welcome Orphan Goat into Their Family”

A cute baby goat, who had lost his mother, has found a new family with two unusual parents – two huge St Bernard dogs. This unexpected family formed when Hans the goat was brought to a Belgian farm because his owners could not raise him without his mother. There, Hans quickly developed a bond with two enormous canines named Julie and Basiel.

Hans, a lucky pup, has found his best friends in the form of giant St Bernards, Julie and Basiel, who have adopted him since he arrived on a farm in Belgium.

It seems like three’s company for this cute baby goat who has found two unlikely companions in a pair of giant St Bernards. Isolde Mattart, the proud new owner, has observed how these dogs have taken Hans under their wing and shown him the ropes. She also noted that the goat has learned a lot from his furry friends and enjoys spending time with them whether it’s sunbathing, going for walks, or napping together.

Fun-loving: Hans, captured on camera with his new mom Julie, has created a surprising connection with the two colossal canines that typically frighten tiny creatures.

The adorable little goat has found a loving home with two St Bernards and likes to cuddle up with them during their nap time.

Julie, the six-year-old ‘parent’ of an orphaned goat named Hans, has taken on the role of showing him the ropes on a Belgian farm. The bond between the two is evident in heartwarming pictures that show Hans standing on Julie and cuddling up with her during nap-time. Julie and her three-year-old companion, Basiel, are known for being at peace with farmyard animals. Despite their size, the world’s largest breeds of dog do not seem to intimidate Hans and his friends.

The content talks about a goat named Hans who found a new family after his mother passed away. Hans was taken care of by Julie and Basiel, who became his new parents. The goat seemed happy with his new family and they took good care of him.

Casual: Despite their massive size, Julie and Basiel, the St Bernards, have managed to create many bonds with smaller creatures.

As she dozes off, Julie doesn’t mind at all having a cute little calf named Alfie nuzzling up against her and cuddling in for some rest. It brings her joy to have such a peaceful and adorable companion by her side.

On Instagram, Isolde Mattart posted a picture of her dog Julie with two cute little chicks perched on top of her head. The farm where they live has also seen Julie cuddling with cows and napping alongside adult chickens. According to Isolde, Julie is an amazing and patient dog who welcomes other animals with open arms. Even the younger pup, Basiel, learned from Julie’s behavior and has become more tolerant towards others. Lucky for them, Julie has a big heart and sets a great example for all the animals on the farm.

The big-hearted giants: A little chick taking a nap on the paw of a friendly dog. These St. Bernards have proved that they have a soft spot for taking care of tinier creatures.

It’s a funny sight to see a chicken snoozing away next to two huge St Bernards, who normally would strike fear into the hearts of smaller animals.

Julie and Basiel, the massive St Bernard dogs, are well-liked by a variety of farm animals.

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