Rolling through the Darkness: Selena Gomez Goes Braless and Rocks Daisy Dukes for a Night of Adventure

Selena Gomez has been filling up her schedule after parting ways with Justin Bieber. She was spotted having a blast while roller skating at a rink in Los Angeles last Tuesday. The talented 25-year-old wore a fitted t-shirt and fashionable denim shorts that accentuated her curves, as she left the Moon Light Rollerway with a friend after having an enjoyable time.

Night out! Selena Gomez, 25, was spotted enjoying a night out at the roller skating rink in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Recently, Selena Gomez, the 25-year-old pop star, was seen enjoying herself at a roller skating rink in Los Angeles. She looked stunning in a bright yellow T-shirt that perfectly highlighted her curves. To complete her retro look, Selena paired the shirt with a denim jacket that covered her waistline and mid-thigh hemmed jean shorts that displayed her beautiful legs. She also wore bright white sneakers, a thick leather belt, and oversized hoop earrings, which added to her retro charm. With her eye-catching outfit, Selena Gomez certainly stood out and drew everyone’s attention.

Stepping out: The pop sensation rocked a form fitting ensemble of tight tee and cut off denim shorts as she left the Moon Light Rollerway

Heading out: The well-known singer appeared absolutely gorgeous in her fitted t-shirt and frayed denim shorts as she departed from the Moon Light Rollerway.

Assets: Channeling a retro roller skater, the How Low Is Your Love songstress highlighted her ample assets in a bright yellow T-shirt

The vocalist of “How Low Is Your Love” flaunted her figure in a bright yellow top, giving off vibes of a classic roller skater.

Wrap it up: She wrapped her petite shoulders in a denim jacket that covered the tee tucked into her lithe waist

It’s time for Selena to hit the road. She throws on a denim jacket, covering the t-shirt that hugs her waist. Unfortunately, Selena is currently dealing with another break-up from Justin Bieber, who she has been in an on-and-off relationship with for years. Reports state that they’ve called it quits again. The couple previously dated for four years before taking a break in 2015 and reuniting in November 2020. However, their rekindled love only lasted until March of this year.

Leggy lady: Her gorgeous gams were thrust on center stage as she rocked skimpy jean shorts that were hemmed at mid thigh

The lovely lady flaunted her toned legs in a pair of denim shorts that were cut above the knee. Her legs stole the limelight as they were the highlight of her ensemble.

Pairing the throwback look with a set of retro bright white sneakers, thick leather belt, and over sized hoop earrings, Selena commanded attention exiting the arena

As Selena exited the arena, she turned heads with her eye-catching throwback ensemble that perfectly complemented her retro white sneakers, chunky leather belt, and large hoop earrings. Her individualistic fashion sense drew all eyes towards her.

Current issues: The outing comes as Selena is in the midst of another break-up with her on-again/off-again Justin Bieber

It’s been observed that Selena has been out and about lately despite the current state of her relationship with Justin Bieber, which has been turbulent and on-and-off. A source from ET shared that the well-known singer of “Hands To Myself” is currently taking a step back from the limelight to manage her recent break-up and fix her relationship with her mother, which was speculated to have contributed to the split. It was mentioned that Selena has done this in the past, and she’s someone who is easily affected. Returning to the spotlight after her hiatus has not been easy, especially with all the attention on her personal life, particularly her previous involvement with Justin Bieber.

Back again: Reports surfaced late last week that Selena and Justin had ended their relationship once again

Yet again, rumors are circulating that Selena and Justin have ended their relationship. The information was made public at the close of last week.

Romance for the ages: The couple - who dated on and off from 2011 to 2015 - got back together in November and were inseparable until March

A timeless love tale: The couple experienced a rollercoaster ride of a relationship from 2011 to 2015, but in November, they reignited their passion and spent every moment together until March.

Easy peasy: Selena looked to completely at ease as she was spotted speeding around the rink later on

No sweat: Selena was looking completely at ease while gliding around the ice rink with ease.

Having a ball: She seemed to be in good spirits as she rode around with her friends

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