“Savouring the Moment: Angelina Jolie Enjoys a Lollipop While Watching the Parade with Her Kids at Disneyland”

Angelina Jolie had a busy day celebrating the birthday of her twins Knox and Vivienne at a popular entertainment venue. After a tiring day, she seemed to have developed an appetite and was seen enjoying a colorful lollipop while watching the Main Street Electrical Parade with her children on Wednesday night at the Happiest Place On Earth. Despite her hectic schedule, the 42-year-old Oscar winner looked relaxed and content as she savored the candy treat.

Tasty! Angelina Jolie could be seen licking a colorful lollipop as she sat next to her kids on Wednesday night at the Happiest Place On Earth

Yummy! Angelina Jolie was spotted savoring a vibrant lollipop while seated alongside her children on Wednesday evening at the famous Disneyland. The celebrated actress decided to don a chic black camisole top with thin straps, coupled with loose black leggings for the occasion. She appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself with her little ones, even greeting one of the performers as the parade cruised by. Vivienne, who had previously been dolled up in denim overalls, had switched into a pair of cozy red and black striped pajama pants to catch the spectacle.

Casual: For the outing, the Hollywood legend opted for a cool, black a camisole top with spaghetti straps and matching loose black leggings

Informal: The Hollywood icon chose to wear a stylish, black camisole top with thin spaghetti straps for her day out. She paired it with loose black leggings for a comfortable and chic look. At first, she indulged in a sweet treat in the form of an ice cream cone, but later switched to a lollipop. Alongside her were her kids Knox, aged eight, Shiloh, aged 11, and Zahara, aged 12. Knox kept it simple with a plain t-shirt, while Zahara followed suit. Shiloh, on the other hand, seemed to be feeling the cold and wore a cozy camouflage hoodie.

Fun! She seemed to be having a good time with her little ones, as she even waved to one of the performers as the parade passed by

It was a joy to see her enjoying herself with her young ones. She even greeted one of the entertainers with a wave as they went by during the parade. The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and delight.

Family day: After a long day of celebrating twins Knox and Vivienne's (right) ninth birthday at the entertainment venue, it seems mom developed a bit of an appetite

The Jolie-Pitt family had a fun-filled day celebrating the ninth birthday of their twins, Knox and Vivienne, at an entertainment venue. However, after the long day, Angelina Jolie seemed to have developed an appetite. The family had just returned home to Los Angeles from their trip to Namibia, where their daughter Shiloh was born on May 27, 2007. During their stay in Namibia, they opened the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is aimed at protecting animals from poachers and abusers. The Jolie-Pitt Foundation, established by Angelina and Brad, gave a $2 million grant to support the sanctuary in 2011.

Long journey: The family have just got back home to LA after a trip to Namibia, where Shiloh was born on May 27, 2007

After a lengthy voyage, the family has arrived back in LA from their excursion to Namibia. It was in Namibia that Shiloh, their child, was born on May 27, 2007.

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