“Score Big with LeSon! Bronny James and PSD Join Forces in Exciting Partnership Deal”

The impact of LeBron James can be felt throughout his entire family.

Prior to starting his college journey, Brоnny – son of basketball legend James – inked a NIL (Name, likeness, and image) agreement. Recently, a fresh partnership was established between the young high school star and PSD, an underwear brand. By signing with PSD, Brоnny becomes the youngest athlete-entrepreneur to enter such a deal.

According to a written statement from James Jr., he has been a fan of PSD for as long as he can remember. He expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that it is thrilling when there is a genuine connection between collaborators. He looks forward to sharing his thoughts and ideas to create unique and original pieces.

As per the agreement, James is set to receive a signature line from the underwear company. He will work together with PSD’s design team to create this collection, in close collaboration. The forthcoming collection will be available at major retailers such as Champs, Hibbetts, Snipes, and psdunderwear.com during the spring season.

PSD’s cofounder and president, Curt Flaitz, expressed his delight in seeing Bronny grow up wearing PSD, which was gifted by Mike Miller to his dad while they played together in Miami. The company values relationships that develop naturally and looks forward to strengthening their alliance with him. LeBron James, along with Jimmy Butler, Ja Morant, Trae Young, Marshawn Lynch, Tyler Herro, and Sommer Ray, is now part of PSD’s roster of players. Additionally, the company has a vast collection of licenses, including Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, DC, and Naruto. LeBron, who has a son making history, revealed in an interview with The Athletic that he would like to play with Bronny for a season before retiring from his current deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. He emphasized that his priority is being with his son and not the money.

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