Selena Gomez’s fashion for work is both warm and beautiful

Actress Selena Gomez invests in many types of warm jackets that are still fashionable when filming in the cold season.

ImageSelena Gomez reappears as an actress in the movie Only Murders In The Building after a long time ‘in hiding’. On set, the actress invested in warm yet fashionable outfits.ImageFilming in the cold season, Selena Gomez wore many types of oversized coats to suit the weather.ImageSelena’s work style has been praised by many newspapers and magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar… Even though she gained weight, the actress still maintained her dressing style.ImageThe 30-year-old beauty prefers soft fur coats that keep her warm and look youthful.ImageFur coats like Teddy bears match Selena Gomez’s cute look.ImageShe often combines long coats with neatly tucked-in outfits to ensure body proportions, making her legs look longer.ImageThe actress stood out on set with a trendy moss green fur coat.ImageLong coats are also a way for Selena to ‘cheat’ her height, helping her body not be ‘segmented’ or reveal her slim waist.ImageFilming for many days, the beauty born in 1992 invested in a huge wardrobe and rarely wore the same outfit.ImageThe beauty also wears many long sleeve designs to cover her figure and make her body slimmer.ImageCombined with a long-sleeved shirt, the actress pairs straight-leg or straight-leg pants to effectively hide her flaws.

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