Shakira hits up Chiltern Firehouse following Lewis Hamilton’s third-place finish at British Grand Prix amidst dating rumors

After attending the British Grand Prix and watching Lewis Hamilton secure third place, Shakira headed to the trendy Chiltern Firehouse for a night of partying with her friends. The 46-year-old singer kept her outfit casual, wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt paired with chunky heels as she left the hotspot. Earlier that day, Shakira displayed her impeccable fashion sense at Silverstone in a denim corset top and black leather trousers. Her natural features were enhanced with bronzed makeup and oversized shades completed her stylish look.

Fun night out: Shakira partied into the early hours at celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse on Sunday evening after being pictured at Silverstone

Shakira had a blast on Sunday night as she partied until the wee hours at the popular celebrity hangout, Chiltern Firehouse. This was after being spotted at Silverstone earlier in the day.

Looking good: The singer, 46, watched her rumoured love interest Lewis Hamilton place third at the British Grand Prix just hours before

Appearing stylish: The 46-year-old musician was spotted observing Lewis Hamilton, who is speculated to be her beau, finish third in the British Grand Prix a few hours earlier.

Grand Prix: Shakira's rumoured love interest Lewis, 38, finished in third place in his race at Silverstone on Sunday behind Lando Norris who came second and Max Verstappen who won

Lewis Hamilton, who is rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Shakira, placed third at the Grand Prix race held in Silverstone on Sunday. He was bested by Lando Norris, who placed second, and Max Verstappen, who took home the win.

Shakira, the Colombian superstar, was spotted at Silverstone with her rumoured love interest Lewis. She looked stunning with her blonde hair styled in loose waves and carried a black leather handbag. Lewis finished third in his race behind Lando Norris and Max Verstappen, who won. Earlier that day, Shakira was seen miming to her new song Copa Vacia while travelling to the race track with her friend in the back of their car. They used a mermaid filter to match Shakira’s music video, where she appears as a shackled mermaid. The pair looked like they were underwater as bubbles floated in the air, and a mermaid’s tail popped up behind them. Reports suggest Shakira is in a love triangle with Lewis and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. But since her split from ex-partner Gerard Piqué last year, Shakira has been seen with Lewis several times.

Low-key: She cut a casual figure in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, teamed with chunky heels as she strolled out of the venue surrounded by friends

Keeping it low-key, she sported a laid-back look of blue jeans and a black t-shirt, paired with chunky heels, as she exited the establishment in the company of her pals.

Incredible: Shakira showed off her impeccable style at Silverstone in a denim corset top, teamed with black leather trousers

Wow, Shakira looked absolutely stunning at Silverstone with her flawless fashion sense. She rocked a denim corset top that perfectly complemented her black leather trousers.

Gorgeous: She sported a bronzed makeup palette which accentuated her natural features underneath oversized shades

Wow! She oozed confidence as she posed for a slew of stunning snaps

Stunning: She flaunted a sun-kissed makeup look that enhanced her innate beauty while wearing big sunglasses.

Beauty: Her golden locks were styled in loose waves and she carried a black leather handbag on the grid

Appearance: Loose curls adorned her lustrous golden tresses, while a black leather handbag hung gracefully from her arm.

Love life: It was previously reported Shakira was in a 'love triangle' with Lewis and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise

Shakira’s romantic affairs have been making headlines lately. One particular rumor had stated that she was caught up in a complicated love triangle with Lewis and famous actor Tom Cruise.

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira recently enjoyed some time together, going on boat trips in Miami and dining in Barcelona after the Spanish Grand Prix. However, according to reports, Hollywood actor Tom Cruise had his ego bruised when Shakira turned down his advances to travel with “buddy” Lewis. Sources revealed that Cruise believed he had chemistry with the singer and thought they would be dating soon. Despite having fun with Cruise at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Shakira reportedly finds the rumors of their romance “hilarious” and has no plans to pursue anything further. The paparazzi snapped pictures of Cruise and Shakira together at the sporting event, leading to speculation that the actor is keen on pursuing her.

Better luck next time, Tom! Shakira has previously ruled out dating Hollywood star Cruise and branded the rumours 'hilarious' after the pair were linked following a Grand Prix meeting

Tom, better luck next time! While rumors of a romance between Shakira and Tom Cruise have circulated in the past, the singer has made it clear that she is not interested in dating the Hollywood star. Despite hanging out with Tom at the F1 Grand Prix, an insider revealed that Shakira is taking a break from dating following the end of her 11-year relationship with Gerard Pique. Although she enjoyed his company, Shakira is focused on her children and career at the moment and is not looking to date anyone, including Tom. She finds the rumors amusing and wants to set the record straight that there is no truth to them.

It's over! Shakira is focusing on parenting Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven after her 11-year relationship with Gerard Pique came to an end in June last year

Shakira has shifted her focus to being a mom to her two sons, Milan (age nine) and Sasha (age seven), following the end of her 11-year relationship with Gerard Pique in June of last year. It’s all about parenting for the singer now!

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