Shakira received the most prestigious award at the VMAs, with a fiery dance performance holding a knife that made the audience’s hearts skip a beat!

After many years of tireless dedication to the music industry, 
Shakira was officially honored at this year’s MTV VMAs with a lifetime achievement award: Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Awards. She is also the first female singer from South America to receive this prestigious award from MTV, proving the recognition of the music industry with the name Shakira.

Besides, Shakira also had an extremely impressive stage at the 2023 VMAs, a performance that was compared to a Super Bowl stage but without Jennifer-Lopez. With hot Latin dances and a unique voice, Shakira delivered a continuous performance of more than 10 minutes with the biggest English and Spanish hits of her career such as She Wolfs ,Shakira’s hit medley performance at VMAs 2023.

In more than 10 minutes, Shakira was arranged with an extremely majestic stage including a tunnel, fire circles and a large dance crew. Still with extremely vibrant Latin melodies, Shakira turned the event atmosphere like a bustling festival in her hometown.

Notably, Shakira also had an extremely risky performance when she held two knives in both hands and performed complex and extremely risky choreography. Even at the climax, she put a pair of knives on her curly hair. Watching Shakira perform, the audience felt both excited and… heartbroken because it was so risky!
However, many viewers also think that the set of knives the female singer held on stage was just… fake knives to add effect to the performance.



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