“Shakira Receives Medal of Honor from a Diligent French Politician Amidst Hilarious Chest Mishap”

Hands on: Frederic Mitterand pins the medal on Shakira's chest at the official ceremony

During the official ceremony, Frederic Mitterand personally affixed the medal to Shakira’s chest. It was a hands-on experience that showcased the honor being bestowed upon the talented artist.

Take your time: Mitterand jokes around as appears to take some time to pin it on... and has a final fondle of the medal

Take your time: Mitterand jokes around as appears to take some time to pin it on... and has a final fondle of the medal

Don’t rush it: Mitterand playfully delays the pinning of the medal, teasingly taking his time before finally giving it a final touch.

... and finally... a kiss from the attentive minister

…and at long last…a tender peck bestowed by the attentive clergyman.

Family pride: Shakira poses for a photo with her parents Nidia and William after the ceremony

Shakira shows off her family pride as she takes a snapshot with her beloved mom and dad, Nidia and William, following an eventful ceremony.

Different styles: Colombian singer Shakira wears a strapless gold dress to the NRJ Awards (left) after accepting her French knighthood in a pleated skirt and knee-high boots earlier on Saturday

Flirty: Colombian singer Shakira shows off her toned legs in a pleated skirt and knee-high boots

Shakira, the Colombian vocalist, showcases her style versatility by donning two different outfits in one day. She flaunts a strapless golden dress at the NRJ Awards and earlier that day, while receiving her French knighthood, she opts for a pleated skirt paired with knee-high boots.

Feeling chilly? Shakira had an assistant protecting her hair and outfit from the miserable French weather

Feeling a bit frosty? Shakira made sure to have her trusty assistant on hand to shield her gorgeous locks and fabulous outfit from the chilly climate in France.

Merci beaucoup: Shakira thanks the French government and people for her honour

Shakira expresses her gratitude to the French government and citizens for bestowing her with an award. She uses the phrase “Merci beaucoup,” which translates to “thank you very much,” to convey her appreciation.

Patient: Shakira sits next to fellow honouree Patricia Kass

Shakira is seen seated beside Patricia Kass, who is also being recognized for her achievements.

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