Sizzling Sensations! J-Lo and Megan Thee Stallion Heat Up the Stage with Daring Mesh Outfits at the AMAs

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Megan Thee Stallion wowed the audience at the 2020 American Music Awards with their sultry performances. Jennifer Lopez, who appeared with Maluma, performed collaborations from their upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me. The 51-year-old looked stunning on a dark smokey stage, wearing a see-through ensemble that revealed her blonde beach waves. Her glamorous face was illuminated by a cross-shaped spotlight, leaving the audience mesmerized.

Sultry display: Jennifer Lopez dominated the stage this weekend as she set pulses racing in a see-through ensemble for a racy performance at the 2020 American Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez captivated the audience with her stunning performance at the 2020 American Music Awards, wearing a revealing outfit that left little to the imagination. Her sultry display had everyone’s heart racing as she dominated the stage with her electrifying presence.

Hot pair: The 51-year-old appeared with Maluma

Onscreen romance: They performed collabs from their upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me

During their performance of their upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me collaborations, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma made a hot pair on stage. JLo donned a sheer black catsuit that was highlighted by striped lights, showcasing her amazing figure as she performed tracks Pa’ Ti and Lonely. With a sultry display, she crawled around the black stage, seamlessly blending English and Spanish lyrics. To add to the drama, lightning flashed above her while Maluma’s backlit silhouette added to the electrifying atmosphere. Maluma himself stood out in an avant-garde take on a black pinstriped suit, exuding some sexy “all that jazz” vibes.

Serving face: She stood on a dark smokey stage, as a cross-shaped spotlight illuminated her glam mug and blonde beach waves

Posing with attitude: On a dimly lit platform, she flaunted her stunning visage and flowing golden hair while a spotlight in the shape of a cross shone upon her.

Seeing stripes: Striped lights lit her up, as she served body in a sheer black catsuit, while performing their track Pa Ti and Lonely

As she rocked her performance of Pa Ti and Lonely, the striped lights illuminated her figure. Donning a sheer black catsuit, she exuded confidence and sexiness on stage.

Enticing gestures: With seductive grace, she slinked around the black platform, delivering a mesmerizing performance laced with gorgeous Spanglish expressions.

Flash of light: JLo then collapsed on the platform, as lightning flashed above her, along with Maluma's backlit silhouette

As a bolt of lightning illuminated the sky, JLo fell to the ground on the stage, alongside the backlit figure of Maluma.

Pretty in pinstripes: Maluma took to the front of the stage in an avant-garde take on a black pinstriped suit, serving some sexy 'all that jazz' vibes

Maluma donned a stylish black pinstriped suit that exuded an avant-garde feel as he took center stage. His suave look gave off some sexy ‘all that jazz’ vibes that perfectly complemented his performance.

On trial: Lopez extended her killer legs as she stood atop a table, before she sat opposite Maluma, delivering a sexy musical interrogation

During the trial, Lopez showcased her stunning legs as she climbed onto a table before taking a seat opposite Maluma. She put on a seductive musical performance that felt like an interrogation.

Center stage: She left him for center stage, leading the dancers

Chair dance: They performed a sizzling chair dance, flaunting her gorgeous figure in the barely-there ensemble

As the spotlight shone bright, she took center stage and led the dancers in a sensational chair dance. Her stunning figure was on full display in the daring outfit she was wearing.

Barely there: Lopez showed off her incredible figure in the see-through black sheer number

Lopez flaunted her stunning physique in a black sheer outfit that left little to the imagination.

The clink: The duo performed against a line of seductive caged dancers behind him, a la Cell Block Tango

During the performance at the awards show, The Clink, a Colombian artist aged 26, sang alongside a row of caged dancers who performed in a seductive way, similar to the Cell Block Tango. Jennifer Lopez, the renowned actress, extended her long legs while standing on a table and sat across from Maluma, performing a sultry musical examination. Afterward, she took center stage, leading the dancers in an alluring chair dance while wearing a scanty outfit that flaunted her beautiful figure. Megan Thee Stallion, aged 25, also made her debut at the awards ceremony, impressing the crowd with her new single Body while dressed in black mesh. She started the song by empowering her audience with an inspiring mantra, professing her love for her body and reminding everyone that nobody owns it but herself. Her powerful voice and self-confidence guaranteed that she will be a great addition to the show in the future.

Megan Thee Stallion’s latest performance was nothing short of spectacular as she unveiled her fresh track “Body” in a stunning black mesh ensemble, impressing the audience with her incredible curves.

Curves for days: Her eyes appeared on a giant screen, along with her gorgeous curves, as she prefaced the tune with an empowering mantra

In the spotlight, her mesmerizing eyes and stunning curves were beamed onto a huge display screen as she introduced her new song with a message of self-empowerment.

Self-love: The Houston-born rapper could be heard professing: 'I love my body. Every curve, every inch, every mark, every dimple'

Her temple: 'It's decoration on my temple. My body is mine, and nobody owns it but me'

The rapper from Houston expressed her admiration for herself, stating that she loves her body. She embraces every aspect of it, including its curves, marks, dimples, and every inch. According to her, these are decorations on her temple. The rapper affirms that her body is solely hers, and no one else can claim ownership over it.

Get ready: 'And whoever I choose to let in is lucky. You may not think my body is perfect, and it may never will be. But when I look in the mirror, I love what I see. So, are you ready?'

Are you prepared for this? ‘Cause whoever gets to come in is one lucky person. It’s possible that my physique isn’t flawless, and it may never be. But whenever I glance at myself in the mirror, I’m filled with adoration. So, are you up for it?’

Get ready, folks! Skimpily dressed performers have gathered on the stage and Megan is being lowered onto a platform inside a massive ring.

Back in black: Spotlights lit up her sparkling jeweled black fishnet bodysuit

Little to the imagination: It was layered over a black bra and matching underwear

Her outfit was a sight to behold as the spotlight shone on her. She wore a stunning black fishnet bodysuit adorned with shimmering jewels, perfectly layered over a black bra and matching underwear.

Twerkin' girl: She performed atop a platform at the middle, twerking along with her dancers, before descending the stairs to the front

The girl who was twerking put on quite a show, starting out on a raised platform in the center of the stage, where she and her backup dancers all shook their hips in perfect unison. Then she made her way down the stairs and continued to twerk at the front of the stage.

The artist from Good News shared lyrics that promote self-love and confidence in their new song. Along with the empowering message, they showed off some alluring dance moves that exude positive energy.

Debut album: She dropped her debut album Good News on Friday, featuring the body-positive track

Megan released her first album, Good News, last Friday, which includes a body-positive song. During her performance, scantily clad dancers took their positions on stage while Megan was lowered onto a pedestal in a giant ring. She wore a shining jeweled black fishnet bodysuit, layered over a black bra and matching underwear. Megan twerked along with her dancers and offered some seductive moves while performing atop a platform, before descending the stairs to the front. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber began the awards show on a solemn note with a performance of sad songs with Shawn Mendes, including their new collaboration “Monster.” Justin sang “Lonely,” from his upcoming sixth studio album, while sitting on a dark stage and looking into a mirror. He then stood up, dressed in a blue flannel, baggy jeans, and an orange beanie, to sing his emotional track. The stage lit up with a giant pink cross above his head as he continued to sing “Holy,” the first single from his untitled new album.

Sad boys: Justin Bieber kicked off the awards show on a somber note, as he performed some sad songs with pal Shawn Mendes

The awards show started off on a melancholy note with Justin Bieber’s performance of some heart-wrenching tunes alongside his friend Shawn Mendes. They certainly set the tone for an emotional evening.

In darkness: The 26-year-old was spotlit, sitting on a dark stage in front of a mirror, as he launched into his sing Lonely, from his upcoming sixth studio album

With the spotlight trained solely on him, a 26-year-old performer took to a dimly lit stage and positioned himself in front of a mirror. The song he chose to sing was titled Lonely, and it’s set to be included in his upcoming sixth studio album.

Seeing Jesus: The stage was then lit with a giant pink cross above his head, as he began to sing Holy, the first single from the untitled new album

Witnessing Jesus: As he took the stage, a massive pink cross illuminated above him, and he kicked off his performance with Holy, the debut track from his upcoming album with no official title yet.

Energy boost: As the tempo picked up, he got the sparse crowd to clap along

Group number: Grey-clad dancers in face masks joined him onstage

Getting an energy boost, he started to increase the tempo and encouraged the small audience to join in by clapping along. Onstage, some dancers wearing grey clothing and face masks also joined him to perform.

New music: The stage went dark again, as a backlit Mendes, who started their collab Monster, from his upcoming fourth album Wonder, which drops December 4

The concert took a dramatic turn as the stage went dim once again, leaving only the silhouette of Mendes in the background. The crowd eagerly anticipated the start of his latest piece, “Monster”, a collaboration from his fourth album, Wonder, set to release on December 4.

Bromance: Bieber then joined him atop the square white stage, singing his part from the collab, as Mendes got up on his feet

Bromance: As Mendes stood on the square white stage, Bieber joined him and both of them sang their parts from the collaboration. Mendes stood up while singing his part.

Pretty in punk: Machine Gun Kelly, 30, was accompanied by Travis Barker, 45, to perform Bloody Valentine and My Ex's Best Friend, from his fifth studio album Tickets to My Downfall

School boys: He sported a punk look in a sleeveless white jumpsuit, as they performed under pink lights against a row of lockers at 'Downfalls High'

Looking punk rock chic, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker took the stage together to perform two hit tracks from the Tickets to My Downfall album, “Bloody Valentine” and “My Ex’s Best Friend”. The 30-year-old rapper was dressed in a sleek sleeveless white jumpsuit, complete with edgy accessories. The dynamic duo brought their A-game, delivering the electrifying performance under the glow of pink lights against a backdrop of school lockers at ‘Downfalls High’.

Red carpet debut: They were introduced by Kelly's girlfriend Megan Fox, 34, with whom he made their red carpet debut at the awards show

During the awards show, Kelly and Barker performed their hits “Bloody Valentine” and “My Ex’s Best Friend” from Kelly’s latest album “Tickets to My Downfall”. The performance took place in front of a row of lockers at “Downfalls High”, with pink lights adding to the punk rock atmosphere. Making their red carpet debut, Kelly was introduced by his girlfriend Megan Fox, who also introduced him to Barker. The audience was also treated to the debut performance of Billie Eilish’s new single “Therefore I Am”, which she sang alongside her brother Finneas O’Connell. Eilish wore a hand-painted oversized cardigan and cotton shorts adorned with symbols and words. Shawn Mendes also took to the stage, playing guitar and singing his part from his collaboration with Justin Bieber, titled “Monster”. The performance took place in a dimly-lit forest of fake trees, with Mendes sitting atop a giant cube. As the tempo picked up, dancers in face masks joined him onstage, getting the sparse crowd to clap along.

Sibling act: Billie Eilish graced the social-distanced audience with the debut performance of her single Therefore I Am, for which she was joined by brother Finneas O'Connell

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell put on a sibling performance for the socially-distanced audience, featuring the debut of Eilish’s latest single “Therefore I Am”.

Hand-painted: She took to the stage in an oversized cardigan and cotton shorts, both hand-painted with words and symbols

Orange you glad? The 18-year-old and her brother, 23, were soaked in orange light, as they performed the dark but upbeat track

Pop of Vibrancy: With an air of confidence, she graced the stage clad in an oversized cardigan and cotton shorts that were adorned with hand-painted words and symbols. Her brother, aged 23, joined her in the performance which was drenched in a warm orange light. Despite the dark undertones of the song, their performance was upbeat and energetic.

Maze runner: She was followed through a maze of white walls, serenading the crowd with her intense vocals, as Finneas strummed an electric guitar

As she made her way through the labyrinthine walls painted in a pristine white, her powerful voice filled the air and captivated the audience. Accompanied by Finneas on an electric guitar, she weaved her way through the maze like a true runner.

Out and about: The Weeknd took the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, as he performed from the deserted streets of Los Angeles

Roaming around: The Weeknd demonstrated his serious attitude towards the COVID-19 outbreak by performing on the empty streets of Los Angeles.

Unlikely duo: The 30-year-old was joined by none other than Kenny G, as they performed a rendition of In Your Eyes, before his track Save Your Tears

The surprising pair consisted of a 30-year-old artist who was accompanied by Kenny G during their performance of In Your Eyes. Following this, the artist proceeded with their own song Save Your Tears.

She can fly: Dua Lipa literally levitated, as she appropriately performed her new hit Levitating from Royal Albert Hall in London

Dua Lipa’s recent performance of her new hit single, Levitating, was a sight to behold. The singer quite literally took flight and levitated above the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was a fittingly impressive display for the catchy track.

Among the stars: She sparkled in a blue jeweled mini dress, as she put on a show with her matching dancers in front of a cosmo-lit backdrop

In the midst of twinkling stars, a young lady shone brilliantly in a stunning blue dress adorned with jewels. She had her dancers by her side as they gave an electrifying performance against a backdrop of cosmic lights. Accompanied by her brother, she belted out a dark yet vibrant tune while wandering through a labyrinth of white walls, accompanied by the sounds of an electric guitar. The Weeknd made sure to take necessary precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic by performing alone on the deserted streets of Los Angeles. He maintained his signature bandaged appearance, with his face wrapped in gauze, complemented by a striking red jacket. The 30-year-old artist was joined by Kenny G as they performed “In Your Eyes” followed by “Save Your Tears.” Dua Lipa, who recently released her hit single “Levitating,” gave a fitting performance from the Royal Albert Hall in London, floating midair while clad in a blue jeweled mini dress accompanied by her dancers and a backdrop of cosmic lights. Doja Cat and Bebe Rexha teamed up for their latest collaboration, “Baby I’m Jealous,” as they showcased the power of women on stage.

Girl power: Doja Cat, 25, served girl power with Bebe Rexha, 31, as they took to the stage to perform their new collab Baby I'm Jealous

The power of women was on full display as Doja Cat and Bebe Rexha teamed up on stage to perform their latest collaboration, “Baby I’m Jealous.” The 25-year-old Doja Cat and 31-year-old Bebe Rexha were a dynamic duo that showcased the strength and talent of female performers.

Cavewoman chic: Doja went full cavewoman in a bone-constructed bra with a fur-lined loincloth and fur-covered boots

Queen baby: Bebe donned a white patent leather ensemble with fringe shoulder pads and thigh-high boots covered in buckles, finished with a white sunburst crown

Doja and Bebe made bold fashion statements at the event. Doja showcased her wild side with a unique outfit made of bones, featuring a fur-lined loincloth and boots covered in fur. On the other hand, Bebe opted for a white patent leather ensemble, complete with fringe shoulder pads and thigh-high boots adorned with buckles. She topped off her look with a white sunburst crown. Both ladies served major looks and stole the show with their daring fashion choices.

Mom jeans: Katy Perry donned double denim to give her first performance since giving birth in August, as she was joined by Darius Rucker

Katy Perry rocked double denim in her first performance after giving birth in August, accompanied by Darius Rucker. She pulled off the trendy “mom jeans” effortlessly.

Beautiful duet: They performed a stripped-down duet of her song Only Love, from her sixth studio album Smile, which also dropped in August

Lovely harmony: The two artists collaborated on a intimate rendition of her track “Only Love,” which was featured on her latest album, Smile, released in August.

Doja sported a bra made of bones, a loincloth lined with fur, and boots covered in fur, emulating a cavewoman. Bebe, on the other hand, donned a white patent leather outfit with fringe shoulder pads, buckled thigh-high boots, and a sunburst crown. Meanwhile, Katy Perry chose to perform in double denim for her first appearance after giving birth in August, accompanied by Darius Rucker. The duo sang a stripped-down version of her song Only Love from her sixth studio album called Smile, which also debuted in August. Additionally, Nelly celebrated his debut album Country Grammar’s 20th anniversary by performing a series of hits, including EI, Ride Wit Me, and Country Grammar (Hot S***). Despite the rise in COVID-19 cases, a restricted audience was present at the event, and organizers took various precautions to ensure that it was as safe as possible. Everyone who entered the venue was tested beforehand and will continue to be tested throughout the production until it ends. Moreover, people who were not on stage were required to wear face masks inside of the facility, except for background dancers who were also obliged to wear masks.

20 years later: Nelly celebrated 20 years since his debut album Country Grammar, performing a medley of EI, Ride Wit Me and Country Grammar (Hot S***)

Nelly recently marked a significant milestone in his career as he commemorated two decades since the release of his debut album, Country Grammar. The rapper took to the stage to perform a medley of some of his most iconic tracks, including EI, Ride Wit Me, and Country Grammar (Hot S***). It’s been an incredible journey for Nelly, who has certainly left an indelible mark on the music industry over the past 20 years.

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