“Sleepy Time Groove: Gal Gadot Soothes Her Baby with a Dance Routine”

Gal Gadot shared a clip of herself soothing her little one, Daniella, to sleep using her personal techniques.

Gal Gadot Instagram

Actress Gal Gadot recently shared a video on Instagram of her rocking her three-month-old daughter Daniella to sleep, while out for dinner at a restaurant. In the video, Gadot can be seen swaying gently, wearing a white t-shirt, beige shorts and sunglasses. Her friends and followers were quick to celebrate the relatable parenting moment, with Aaron Paul saying, “I know that dance,” and stylist Elizabeth Stewart commenting, “Awwwww!!!❤️”. The Wonder Woman star captioned the video, “My signature ‘please go to sleep’ dance 🕺🏽.”

Gal Gadot Instagram

Gal Gadot commemorated the Jewish New Year with a contemplative message, expressing her optimism for the upcoming year. Robin Wright also sent her congratulations to Gadot on the birth of her third daughter, Daniella, in June. The actress shared a heartwarming picture of her family of five on Instagram, featuring proud big sisters Alma, 9, and Maya, 4. Despite being tired from parenting three children, Gadot expressed her gratitude and happiness for her growing family.

Gal Gadot/Instagram

During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan earlier this year, Gal Gadot shared that she was expecting her third child and joked about only having daughters. She also discussed her plans for implementing a sleep schedule for her new baby, after struggling with sleep deprivation with her first child. Gadot’s family made a cameo appearance in the Christmas scene of the sequel to her hit film, Wonder Woman, which meant a lot to her, especially since she was pregnant with her youngest daughter during reshoots for the first movie.

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