“Spicing up the Night: Cardi B and Offset Amp Up the Heat at Set It Off Album Release Bash in Miami”

Cardi B and Offset were spotted partying in Miami on Friday, exuding a seductive aura as they celebrated the release of Offset’s latest album, Set It Off. Despite recently receiving criticism from PETA for purchasing pricey crocodile bags amounting to nearly half a million dollars, the couple appeared carefree and jubilant as they hit up LIV nightclub. Cardi, 31, looked stunning in a form-fitting, pink sleeveless dress that accentuated her curves, paired with shiny high heel sandals and accessorized with hoop earrings, bangles, and a large diamond ring.

Sexy vibe:  Offset and Cardi B set a sexy vibe at the launch party for his new album Set it Off in Miami Friday

Offset and Cardi B brought a sultry atmosphere to the launch party of Offset’s latest album, Set it Off, in Miami on Friday. The famous rapper sported jewel-encrusted nails and straight black hair that flowed down her back, while Offset donned a black-and-white checked jacket over a black T-shirt and black leather pants with a distinctive yellow stripe along the outer leg. He later shed his jacket to reveal several bejeweled chains and bracelets. During their performance, the couple danced to one of Offset’s new songs, with Cardi kicking off her shoes and twerking for the enthusiastic crowd. Dancers positioned behind them held up letters spelling out “C-A-R-D-I-B” in blue, purple, red, and yellow. Footage from the event shows fans wishing Cardi a happy birthday with a large electric sign. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the musician shared that his cousin, who has since passed away, and former Migos bandmate inspired his new album.

Dual celebration: Besides celebrating the release of Set it Off, the pair also celebrated Cardi B's 31st birthday, which officially took place Wednesday, October 11

The two artists had a twofold reason to party: not only were they celebrating the release of Set it Off, but also Cardi B’s 31st birthday, which fell on Wednesday, October 11th.

Curves: Cardi showed off her curves in a body hugging sleeveless pink dress

Curves: The artist wore shiny high heel pink sandals and accessorized with a large diamond ring, hoop earrings and several bangles

Cardi flaunted her fabulous figure in a form-fitting sleeveless pink dress that hugged her curves perfectly. The Jealousy rapper also donned a pair of shiny high-heeled pink sandals, along with some chic jewelry including a large diamond ring, hoop earrings, and multiple bangles.

Nails: The Grammy winner's long nails were jewel encrusted and her long, black hair was styled straight, cascading down her back

The Grammy award-winning artist flaunted her bedazzled long nails and sleek black straight hair that elegantly flowed down her back.

Twerk: The WAP artist twerked for the crowd while Offset rapped along with the record

During the performance, the WAP singer showed off her twerking skills while Offset rapped along to the song. The group’s album was initially slated for release in November 2022 but was delayed after the tragic death of Takeoff, also known as Kirsnick Khari Ball, at the age of 28 due to being shot. Despite the loss, Offset still feels his presence and energy pushing him towards success. Takeoff was incredibly supportive of the group and never focused on numbers, always motivating them to keep going. Offset described his cousin as the one who held the group together with his positive character, and he continues to mourn his passing.

Collaboration: Offset and Cardi B collaborated on the singles Jealousy and Freaky

Offset and Cardi B teamed up to work on two hit tracks, namely Jealousy and Freaky.

Diamonds: Offset, 31, looked hip in a black T-shirt and black leather pants with a yellow stripe along the outside of the legs The hitmaker later removed his jacket to reveal several jewel encrusted chains and bracelets

Offset, who is 31 years old, sported a stylish look by pairing a classic black T-shirt with leather pants. The pants had an eye-catching yellow stripe running down the outer legs. He then took off his jacket, revealing a collection of shiny diamond chains and bracelets that added to his overall hip vibe.

Collaborations:  The 21 tracks on Set if Off include collaborations with Future, Latto, Chloe and many others

The album Set it Off features 21 tracks that showcase a variety of collaborations with talented artists such as Future, Latto, Chloe, and more. In an interview, Offset expressed his love for working with people who appreciate his music and emphasized his loving personality. It was heartbreaking to lose his friend, but he remains committed to honoring his legacy through his music. Say My Grace, his joint effort with Travis Scott poses the rhetorical question of why he had to experience loss in his life, while also acknowledging the multiple chances he has been given. The album also features collaborations with Cardi B on Jealousy and Freaky, as well as other notable artists like Future, Latto, Chloe, and more.

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