“Stylish and Confident: Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Braless Look in Chic Crop Top and Skirt for Jimmy Kimmel Live with Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain”

Get ready for the latest X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, which hits theatres this Friday. To build up excitement for the film, the stars, including Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live before the Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday night. Sophie Turner looked sharp in a fashionable white pantsuit, while Jessica Chastain rocked a stunning scarlet dress. Jennifer Lawrence found an impressive middle ground, pairing a cropped white t-shirt with a red leather skirt.

Star power: Jennifer Lawrence, 28, was on hand, too, looking summery in a cropped white t-shirt and a red leather skirt while opting to go braless

Celebrity presence was strong as Jennifer Lawrence, aged 28, made an appearance, sporting a chic summer look with a cropped white t-shirt and a bold red leather skirt. The actress decided to forego wearing a bra for the occasion.

Sophie Turner led the way as the stars of the X-Men movie Dark Phoenix headed to an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday

Jessica Chastain was also seen heading to the ABC studio on Hollywood Boulevard for the late night talk show

On Tuesday, the cast of Dark Phoenix, including Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote their latest film.

The movie Dark Phoenix serves as a direct continuation of the X-Men: Apocalypse film from 2016. It is also the final entry in the main X-Men film franchise. The story revolves around the character Jean Grey, played by actress Sophie Turner, who confronts her alter ego, the powerful mutant known as Dark Phoenix, possessing both telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Turner, who recently married musician Joe Jonas, looked stunning in her outfit for the occasion. She wore a belted ensemble matched with black heels and complemented her look with tortoiseshell-framed sunglasses with a cat’s-eye shape. Her long blonde hair was left loose as she arrived at Kimmel’s studio in Hollywood.

Looking fab: Jennifer accessorized with an elegant pair of sunglasses and wore her luxuriously wavy blonde hair down

Jennifer looked absolutely stunning, complemented by a chic pair of sunglasses and flaunting her luscious, curly blonde locks.

Bride-to-be: Eagle-eyed observers could catch sight of her glittering engagement ring, given to her by art gallery director Cooke Maroney

The soon-to-be bride’s dazzling engagement ring, presented to her by Cooke Maroney, who is an art gallery director, could be spotted by those with sharp observation skills.

Glowing: The passengers bombshell accentuated her screen siren features with makeup

Radiant: With the help of makeup, the passenger’s stunning accentuation of her screen siren features left her glowing.

On trend: Turner, 23, was all business in a stylish white pantsuit with buttoned cuffs on the tapered trousers and a pair of black heels

Current Fashion: Turner, at the age of 23, sported a chic white pantsuit that exuded professionalism. The tapered trousers were enhanced with buttoned cuffs, and she paired it with elegant black heels.

The British actress, who recently tied the knot with musician Joe Jonas, left her long blonde hair loose and sported cat's eye-shaped sunglasses

She is the lead in the X-Men superhero installment as her character Jean grey battles the powerful mutant force of the Dark Phoenix

The newlywed British actress, who recently married musician Joe Jonas, opted for a casual look as she donned cat-eye shaped sunglasses and her long blonde hair flowed freely. Chastain has joined the cast of X-Men for the first time, playing an alien shapeshifter who possesses the power to manipulate the Phoenix. Her ankle-length dress featured short sleeves, a turtleneck, and a thigh-high split, revealing a glimpse of her toned legs. To complete her outfit, she wore matching red heels and black-framed sunglasses. In addition, the Miss Sloane and Molly’s Game star carried a plastic water bottle to stay hydrated and had a black cast on her right forearm.

Unmissable: Chastain, 42, who joins the X-Men cast for the first time as an alien shapeshifter who is able to manipulate the Phoenix, wore a scarlet dress and matching heels

You can’t miss it: The X-Men franchise welcomes a new addition, Jessica Chastain, aged 42, as an extraterrestrial shape-shifter who has the ability to control the Phoenix. She showed up in a stunning red dress and matching high heels.

The actress flashed some leg in the ankle-length dress that had short sleeves, a turtleneck and a thigh-high split.

She stayed hydrated with a bottle of water and had a cast on her right forearm

The celebrity showed off her lengthy legs in a chic outfit featuring a turtleneck, short sleeves, and a daring thigh-high slit. Despite having a cast on her right arm, she stayed refreshed with a bottle of water.

Back in the spotlight: Lawrence reprises her mutant role as Raven / Mystique for the fourth time. She first appeared in the role in 2011's X-Men: First Class

After a brief hiatus, Jennifer Lawrence returns to the big screen as Raven/Mystique for the fourth installment of the X-Men franchise. The talented actress made her debut as the blue-skinned mutant in the 2011 hit, X-Men: First Class. Fans of the series can’t wait to see what new adventures and challenges her character will face this time around.

Blinged: JLaw wore her long blonde hair loose in relaxed curls and accessorized with a stunning diamond necklace

JLaw rocked a chic look with her long blonde locks styled in loose, casual curls. To add some extra sparkle, she paired her outfit with a mesmerizing diamond necklace.

James McAvoy, known for his Scottish accent and acting prowess, has reprised his role as Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, who established the school for mutants. The 40-year-old actor was seen sporting a stylish blue two-piece suit with an unbuttoned white shirt at the collar. To complete his look, James added a pair of black shoes and brown shades. Joining him on screen is Nicholas Hoult, who plays Hank McCoy, also known as Beast. The 29-year-old actor looked dapper in a dark red suit and shiny black shoes.

James McAvoy is back as Charles Xavier/Professor X, the founder of the mutant school

He was dressed in a blue two-piece suit with a white shirt left unbuttoned at the collar

James McAvoy has once again graced us with his presence as the iconic Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, who founded the school for mutants. He was looking sharp in a stylish blue suit paired with a white shirt left undone at the collar.

Gracious: The 40-year-old Scottish actor was a crowd-pleaser, posing for selfies with the throngs of fans waiting to get a glimpse of the X-Men stars

The Scottish actor, Gracious, aged 40, delighted his fans by taking selfies with them. The fans eagerly awaited the arrival of the X-Men stars.

Dapper: Nicholas Hoult, 29, is also back as Hank McCoy / Beast and he was sartorially elegant in a dark red suit and shiny black shoes

Nicholas Hoult, who plays Hank McCoy / Beast in the X-Men series, returned in Dark Phoenix sporting a sophisticated dark red suit and shiny black shoes. The film is directed by Simon Kinberg, who previously served as a producer on several X-Men films as well as Deadpool and its sequel. As a self-proclaimed comic book enthusiast, Kinberg has expressed his love for the Dark Phoenix Saga since childhood. He explained that the saga takes a beloved hero and infuses her with a cosmic force that turns her evil, which he finds compelling. Kinberg also believes that Dark Phoenix will be a fitting end to the X-Men on screen series, as it challenges the characters and forces them to confront trauma like never before. Overall, he describes the film as a culmination of 10+ years of storytelling and character development.

Opening Friday: Dark Phoenix marks the directorial feature debut of Simon Kinberg, who served as a producer on several X-Men films and on Deadpool and its sequel

This coming Friday heralds the release of Dark Phoenix, which will serve as the first feature film ever directed by Simon Kinberg. Known for his work as a producer on various X-Men movies as well as on Deadpool and its follow-up, Kinberg is making his directorial debut with this highly-anticipated installment in the X-Men franchise.

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