“Taylor Swift Gets a Sweet Surprise from Tom Hiddleston: Matching T-Shirt and Tattoo as They Enjoy Beach Fun with Celebrity Squad”

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift seem to be head over heels for each other, as evidenced by the adorable T-shirt he was spotted wearing. The two celebrities were seen enjoying a romantic getaway in Rhode Island, where they frolicked in the Atlantic Ocean. They were joined by a group of famous friends, including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Ruby Rose, and Uzo Aduba, for an Independence Day Weekend beach party. Enjoy the video below!

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift put on their most loved-up display yet as they frolicked in the sea together near her home in Rhode Island on Sunday

On Sunday, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were spotted having a romantic time in the sea near her residence in Rhode Island. Tom, aged 35, proudly flaunted his affection for his 26-year-old girlfriend by wearing an ‘I heart T.S.’ tank top and even sporting a temporary tattoo of a loveheart with her initials on it. The couple put on a display of public affection, hugging and kissing each other while their friends watched on. They seemed very happy and looked like teenagers in love.

Honeymoon period:  The infatuated duo could not seem to keep their hands off each other as they embraced and kissed in the crystalline waves

During the honeymoon phase, the smitten couple couldn’t resist showing affection to each other as they hugged and locked lips in the clear ocean waters.

Been there, done that: Tom, 35, wasn't shy about declaring his feelings for his new 26-year-old girlfriend, proudly wearing an 'I heart T.S.' tank top

Tom, a 35-year-old man, boldly expressed his affection for his 26-year-old girlfriend by donning an ‘I heart T.S.’ tank top. He didn’t hold back in showing his love for her.

4ever: And just in case the T-shirt was too subtle, he also had his arm branded with a temporary tattoo of a loveheart bearing her initials

4ever: And just in case the T-shirt was too subtle, he also had his arm branded with a temporary tattoo of a loveheart bearing her initials

4ever: Not wanting to leave any room for misinterpretation, he went the extra mile by sporting a T-shirt and even going as far as getting a temporary tattoo of a heart with her initials on his arm.

Fit: Taylor, 26, wore a cute two-piece Forever 21 'Go America Bikini' that showed off her fab figure

Taylor, who is 26 years old, was spotted wearing an adorable two-piece Forever 21 bikini with an American theme. The bikini perfectly showcased her amazing physique.

Stuck on you: Even back on dry land, the twosome were inseparable, walking everywhere together hand in hand

The couple couldn’t seem to get enough of each other as they strolled around on land, always holding hands. Taylor donned a stylish two-piece swimsuit from Forever 21 with an ‘America’ print on the top, and she clung tightly to her beau as they waded into the waist-deep water. Some speculate that her appearance has changed recently due to potential breast enhancement, as her top accentuated her assets. While she did sport a temporary tattoo on her arm, she opted out of getting a matching one with her partner’s initials.

Squad: The pair were celebrating Independence Day Weekend with a celeb-packed beach party alongside (from left) Britany Maack, Abigail Anderson, Ruby Rose, Harley Gusman, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss

Group: The duo were enjoying a beach bash filled with famous faces during the Fourth of July weekend. Some of the other attendees included Britany Maack, Abigail Anderson, Ruby Rose, Harley Gusman, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss.

Fun: The gang were in fine form, running in and out of the water and posing for photos together 

It was a blast hanging out with the crew, as they were full of energy and enjoyed splashing around in the sea. We captured some fantastic memories of them striking fun poses and goofing off together.

Where'd he go? Taylor appeared to be on lookout for the English hunk

Taylor seemed to be searching for the attractive English guy. Where could he have disappeared to?

There he is! She was in a hurry to get back into the water with the Night Manager star

Look who’s there! She couldn’t wait to jump back into the water with the celebrity from Night Manager.

Marked: She too had a temporary inking on her arm, but stopped short of a reciprocal 'TH'

Noted: The lady also sported a temporary tattoo on her arm, however, she refrained from getting a matching ‘TH’.

High spirits: The singer looked like she was having a ball with her squad

High spirits: The singer looked like she was having a ball with her squad

The vocalist appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself with her group of friends, exuding a contagious energy.

Woo-hoo! New couple Tom and Taylor were playing around like a couple of teenagers in love

Yay! The recently formed pair, Tom and Taylor, were enjoying each other’s company with playful antics reminiscent of young lovers.

So close: The pair have been inseparable over the past two weeks and have taken their romance from the US to England to Rome

They are practically joined at the hip: For the last 14 days, they have been together non-stop and have extended their love journey across different countries – from the US to England and now Rome.

My hero: The dashing English actor lead his lady up the rocks to her $17.75million mansion

My idol: The handsome British thespian gallantly accompanied his beloved as they scaled up the rocky terrain to her luxurious $17.75million residence. Despite the context of the weekend, where America celebrates its independence from Britain, Taylor chose to wear a clothing item adorned with the stars and stripes. Nevertheless, this did not seem to hinder her affection towards the charming Brit. Tom and Taylor frequently took breaks from the rest of the group, indulging in a refreshing dip in the ocean. Their closeness was palpable even when they were on solid ground, as they strolled hand in hand without straying apart.

Water lot of fun: The popstar had a laugh splashing anyone who came near

It was a lot of fun in the water as the popstar couldn’t help but have a good laugh while splashing anyone who came near.

The look of love: Tom could not have looked any more besotted if he tried

Tom appeared completely enamored, showing a look of love that could not have been more evident even if he were intentionally trying to convey it.

Alone time: Taylor and Tom broke away from the main group several times

Taylor and Tom took some time for themselves by stepping away from the rest of the group on several occasions.

Little help: She wasn't sure what to do with her Ray-Bans when she went for a dip

She was uncertain how to deal with her Ray-Bans while taking a swim.

Let's dive in: He dove beneath the waves for a swim and she quickly followed

Let’s take a plunge: He took a dive beneath the water surface for a refreshing swim and she soon joined in.

Strike a pose! The ladies of the group were in high spirits and eager to strike a #girlsquad pose

Get ready to strike a pose! The group of women were excited and cheerful, eager to show off their #girlsquad bond. Taylor wasn’t the only one with an amazing figure on display, as her model and actress friends sported their revealing beachwear during the July 4 festivities. Among them was Ruby Rose from Orange Is The New Black, who showed off her bikini body with her girlfriend Harley Gusman. Although they didn’t match Hiddleswift’s level of public affection, the couple still looked very much in love. Actor Ryan Reynolds and his pregnant wife, Blake Lively, also displayed their love for each other. Despite carrying their second child, Blake looked stunning in a striped two-piece swimsuit and her growing baby bump was noticeable. However, it appeared that she hadn’t gained any baby weight anywhere else on her statuesque physique.

Natter: Karlie Kloss and Blake Lively had a chat as the emerged from the water

Casual conversation took place between Karlie Kloss and Blake Lively while they were coming out of the water.

Phew: The pregnant star will be delighted she didn't encounter any sharks, unlike her character in her recent The Shallows

Wow! The actress who is expecting a baby must be relieved that she did not have a run-in with any sharks, unlike her role in the recent film “The Shallows.”

Surrounded: Although Tom and Ryan only had eyes for their significant others, they must have noticed they were outnumbered gender-wise almost four to one in the group

Amidst their partners, Tom and Ryan may have noticed that they were in the minority, with almost four times as many people of the opposite gender in the group.

Loving spouse: The Canadian artist displayed a protective demeanor while assisting his pregnant partner in climbing up the rocky terrain.

Ouch: Karlie picked herself up a bruise on her thigh, possibly during the horseplay in the water

Oh no! Karlie has a bruise on her thigh from what may have been some rowdy play in the water.

Follow us: After their swim Tom and Taylor lead the exodus from the water

Tom and Taylor were the first ones to leave the water after their refreshing swim. Don’t forget to keep up with us for more updates!

My hero: The daring Englishman was first to tackle the rocky incline

My personal idol: The courageous individual from England fearlessly took on the challenging rocky slope before anyone else.

Wow: Gigi Hadid was the front runner for most revealing outfit, wearing a tiny black two-piece with barely there bikini bottoms.

Gigi Hadid stole the show with her daring outfit, sporting a miniature black bikini that left little to the imagination. The model and her husband Ryan, who tied the knot in 2012 after a whirlwind one-year romance, announced their second pregnancy in April, making their 17-month-old daughter James a big sister. The 29-year-old beauty joyfully frolicked in the water while her handsome 39-year-old spouse showed off an array of vibrant tattoos on the back of his legs. Later, Gigi followed her hubby up the beach with a wide grin on her face, relishing their carefree day at the beach.

Showtime: Taylor's wasn't the only fantastic figure on display, as her model and actress friends donned their skimpy beachwear for the July 4 festivities.

It was quite the show as Taylor’s friends, who are also models and actresses, showed off their stunning figures in revealing swimsuits during the July 4 celebration.

Expecting: The Shallows star burgeoning baby bump was in clear evidence, although she clearly had not gained an ounce of baby weight anywhere else

Anticipating: The actress from The Shallows displayed her growing belly, but it was noticeable that she had not put on any extra pregnancy pounds in other areas.

En route: She and hubby Ryan Reynolds announced in April they are expecting a second baby to join daughter James

On the way: Back in April, the lovely duo of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shared the exciting news of expecting their second child to join their adorable daughter, James.

Mwah! The couple, who have been married for nearly four years, shared a kiss and a cuddle

Mwah! The couple, who have been married for nearly four years, shared a kiss and a cuddle

Aww! The adorable couple, who have been happily wedded for almost four years, exchanged a sweet smooch and a warm embrace.

Having fun: The Gossip Girl straddled her husband as they frolicked with their A-list pals in the Atlantic Ocean

Engaging in leisure: The woman from Gossip Girl playfully sat on her spouse’s lap while they enjoyed themselves with their celebrity acquaintances in the Atlantic waters.

Free gaff: The gang headed off the beach together, likely for Taylor's nearby beach house

The crew walked away from the shore towards Taylor’s beach house, enjoying their free time. Tom and Ryan were too busy with their partners to notice that they were outnumbered by the opposite sex in the group. Despite never having acted together on-screen, Loki (Tom) and Deadpool (Ryan) coexist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The possibility of an encounter between the two beloved characters in the future is a thrilling thought for comic book enthusiasts. It certainly makes one’s mouth water just thinking about it!

Calling the shots: Swift positioned everybody for the perfect group shot

Swift took charge and directed everyone to get into position for a flawless group photo.

Line them up: Taylor's wasn't the only fantastic figure on display, as her model and actress friends donned their skimpy beachwear for the July 4 festivities

Arrange them in a row: Taylor Swift’s stunning physique wasn’t the sole attraction during the Independence Day celebration as her colleagues, who are models and actresses, flaunted their attractive beach outfits.

Inked up: Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose showed off her impressive array of tats

Flaunting her collection of tattoos, Ruby Rose, known for her role in Orange Is The New Black, displayed an impressive assortment of ink on her body.

I kissed a girl: Rose and girlfriend Harley Gusman (centre) also put on a loved up display - but nowhere near Hiddleswift's level

Rose and her girlfriend Harley Gusman shared a loving moment, but it was not on the level of Swift’s famous squad. Notably absent from the gathering was Calvin Harris, who recently split with Swift after dating for 15 months. Swift’s infamous list of exes includes Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, and Harry Styles. Dr. Drew, a co-host of Loveline, suggests that Swift may suffer from “love addiction,” a condition where someone is addicted to the idea of being in love. This causes them to quickly fall deeply in love, hold onto idealized fantasies, and struggle to let go when things don’t work out, leading to a repeated cycle of sabotage and clinginess.

Whoops! Ryan's smile hinted he knew his wife was dangerously close to a nip slip

Oops! Ryan flashed a grin that revealed he was aware his spouse was perilously close to a wardrobe malfunction.

Blank space: Not among Swift's gathering of famous friends - obviously - was recently dumped Calvin Harris

There’s no surprise that Calvin Harris, who was recently dumped, wasn’t seen among Taylor Swift’s circle of celebrity friends.

Bestie: One of Taylor's original BFF's Abigail Lauren broke the trend with a one piece

Taylor’s longtime friend Abigail Lauren defied the norm by sporting a one-piece swimsuit. Following his recent breakup, Calvin has been spending time with several attractive women, as seen on his Snapchat during a luxurious yacht trip. He jokingly captioned the photos with “I write songs,” alluding to his recent collaborations with English musician John Newman and filming a music video in Mexico. Despite their split in June, Calvin expressed no hard feelings towards Taylor and emphasized the love and respect they still share. Taylor’s extravagant Rhode Island mansion, which boasts 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and sits on 5.23 waterfront acres, was purchased for $17.75 million three years ago.

On her tail: Gigi, who is currently dating Zayn Malik, had this hunky guy following her around for a bit

Being followed: Gigi is currently going steady with Zayn Malik, but she had a charming gentleman trailing her for a while.

Part of the cool crowd: Despite being Canadian, Ryan showed his love for America with patriotic body paint, which didn't last long in the ocean

Being part of the in-crowd: Ryan, a Canadian, expressed his admiration for the USA by painting his body with patriotic symbols. However, the ocean quickly washed away his artwork.

PDA competition? Who would win in a competition between Blake and Ryan and Tom and Taylor?

If Blake and Ryan were to compete against Tom and Taylor in a PDA competition, who do you think would come out on top?

Nice view: Taylor bought her 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom mansion in Rhode Island for $17.75million three years ago

What a beautiful sight! Three years back, Taylor purchased a luxurious mansion in Rhode Island featuring 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms for $17.75 million.

Jam-packed: The A-listers were just some of many who had flocked to the beach to enjoy the 4th July long weekend

Crowded: Not only the A-listers, but also many others had gathered at the beach to celebrate the long weekend of July 4th.

Swift bout the $17million, eight bedroom and 10.5 bathroom mansion in all cash in the spring of 2013

Back in the spring of 2013, Taylor Swift made headlines when she purchased a luxurious mansion worth $17 million. The mansion boasts eight spacious bedrooms and 10.5 stunning bathrooms, and Swift paid for it all in cash.

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