“Taylor Swift’s Dazzling 9 Outfit Changes: From Body-Stockings to Playsuits, Fans Will be Amazed on the UK Leg of the 1989 World Tour”

Taylor Swift’s fashion sense is undeniably impressive, whether she’s dressing up for the red carpet or keeping it casual in her off-duty style. Her recent 1989 tour kick-off in Tokyo showcased her love for the stage, as she wowed fans with nine different outfits. Fans in the UK can expect to see these stunning ensembles during her upcoming shows.

Taylor Swift, 25, kicked off her 1989 tour in Tokyo, Japan, and had nine different costume changes, which included this beaded leotard. She is expected to wear the same outfits for her UK leg of the tour

Taylor Swift, at the age of 25, began her 1989 tour in Tokyo, Japan, with a stunning performance that included nine different costume changes. One of the highlights was her beaded leotard, which was beautifully crafted and showcased her flawless figure. Fans can look forward to seeing her wear the same outfits during the UK leg of her tour. It’s no surprise that Taylor is known for her fashion sense, and she did not disappoint with her wardrobe choices for this concert.

The American songstress will wear this same tinsel-green number with matching boots

The female singer from America plans to wear the same sparkly green outfit during her performances, along with matching boots. She has been seen wearing a variety of outfits on stage, from short shorts to futuristic metallic skirts, but they all show off her impressive physique. One particularly dazzling outfit is a tight-fitting bodysuit covered in glitter, with a nude panel at the neckline and high-heeled boots to match. Many of her costumes feature glitter, such as a low-cut leotard and a fringed green playsuit with tinsel accents that will surely light up the stage.

The blonde beauty ups the ante with this matching bandeau and shorts set, paired with suspenders and suede over-the-knee boots

This stunning blonde has taken her fashion game to the next level by sporting a coordinated bandeau and shorts outfit, complete with suspenders and stylish suede boots that reach over her knees.

One of Swift's more risqué looks is definitely this sparkling figure-hugging bodysuit with matching booties

Swift’s wardrobe features a daring ensemble that is sure to turn heads – a glittery, form-fitting bodysuit paired with coordinating boots.

The 25-year-old will channel a feminine look with this blue foil skater skirt and black sparkly crop top

The young woman, aged 25, plans to flaunt a feminine appearance during her performance by sporting a blue foil skater skirt and a black sparkly crop top. She has multiple options for the crop tops, some of which are adorned with glittery embellishments or have luminous encrusted panels. However, she is not afraid to switch things up and add a bit of danger to her looks. During her Japanese show, she performed her hit song Bad Blood in an all-leather ensemble. On another occasion, she will grace her fans with a revealing white bandeau crop top, matching high-waisted shorts, black suspenders, and over-the-knee suede boots. While some of her stage costumes exude a feminine vibe, she will also be seen performing in flirty foil skater skirts in blue and purple.

Other looks included an all-black number for a performance of Bad Blood

At one point, Swift changed into a twin-set of embellished cropped pieces

There are other outfits available for you to choose from, such as a completely black ensemble on the left side of the picture, and a double-set of decorated, shortened pieces featured on the right side of the image.

Swift will also take to the stage in a cut-out sparkly crop top and a purple tiger-print foil skater skirt

Swift is set to perform wearing a flashy crop top with sparkles and a foil skater skirt that is tiger-printed in a shade of purple.

The pop star opts for a more simple look at one point with black svelte leggings and a dip-dye sparkly crop top with blue accents

The famous singer chose to go for a more understated look during one of her performances, wearing sleek black leggings paired with a glitzy crop top that had a blue ombre effect. She performed all 18 songs from her latest album, 1989, at Tokyo’s Dome venue. Fans in the UK can expect a similarly long and high-energy performance when she begins her UK tour in Glasgow on June 23, followed by Manchester on June 24 and the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park on June 27. It is rumored that she will be joined by her new romantic interest, Scottish DJ and songwriter Calvin Harris, aged 31, during these dates.

Rumours of romance have been sparked between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

He may make an appearance at one of her UK dates of her 1989 tour

The possibility of a romantic relationship between the singer and Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris, has been fueled by rumors.

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