“The Adorable Duo: Jennifer Lopez’s Appearance on Ellen with Her Mini-Me Twins, Max and Emme, Who She Dresses Like Herself”

During her appearance on the Ellen show, Jennifer Lopez surprised everyone by bringing out her adorable 9-year-old twins, Max and Emme. In a sneak peek of the chat show, Ellen asked J.Lo if she had brought her children along, prompting the singer to ask if she could bring them out on stage. Everyone was delighted when the young siblings, who are from J.Lo’s previous marriage to Marc Anthony, appeared with huge smiles and danced to their mom’s hit song, “Jenny From The Block.” Enjoy the heart-warming clip below!

Family affair: Jennifer Lopez brought her twins Emme (L) and Max (R) onto her appearance on Ellen, which airs Monday

During her appearance on the Ellen show, Jennifer Lopez made it a family affair by bringing along her twins Emme and Max. The stylish singer dressed them both in adorable outfits, with Emme donning a silver dress and Max wearing a white sweater jacket paired with red plaid pants. Emme, affectionately nicknamed “Lulu” by her mother, sat comfortably on J.Lo’s lap throughout the show while Max playfully hid behind a seat before joining his famous mom’s arms. Ellen couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Emme and Jennifer, calling her the singer’s “mini-me.”

Who? He admitted that Lopez's children Emme and Max (pictured on Ellen in April) on the other hand ¿ whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony ¿ were not as impressed with his career 

Emme and Max, who are currently enjoying their spring break, received a delightful surprise when they heard their mother’s popular hit, “Jenny From The Block.”

Loving mom: In the appearance, J.Lo revealed that she calls her daughter Lulu, and that the child is her 'Mini-Me'

Adoring mother, J.Lo, shared during an appearance that she affectionately refers to her daughter as Lulu and proudly claims that her child is her exact double. Meanwhile, Ellen was dressed in a classy grey suit and a blue shirt and humorously pointed out that she and Max were dressed alike. Max then proceeded to play a game of hide-and-seek by hiding behind a wooden chest on set. Seeing Max’s antics, Ellen helped the child climb into the structure where he could continue to play while the interview with J.Lo and Max’s sister continued. Ellen jokingly remarked that it must be fun inside the chest.

Hi-jinks: Max spiced things up by hiding behind a seat and in a table during their appearance 

Max added some fun to their appearance by playing hide-and-seek by hiding behind a seat and a table. During the show, Ellen teased Jennifer Lopez about Max’s mischievous behavior, jokingly commenting that maybe he acts like this at home too. When Ellen asked Emme about texting habits, Max made a peeping sound from his hiding spot, prompting Ellen to ask if he also texts. Max hilariously responded with “Close up the box,” and J.Lo revealed that he’s quite bossy.

New project: Lopez appeared on Ellen to promote her new NBC show, World of Dance 

Fresh undertaking: Lopez made an appearance on the popular talk show Ellen to give a boost to her latest project, which is none other than NBC’s World of Dance.

Happy mom: The multi-talented performer gave birth to the twins in February of 2008

Ecstatic mother: The versatile artist welcomed her twin babies in the month of February in 2008.

New romance: J.Lo revealed to Ellen that she met new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez while she was at an LA restaurant, introducing herself to him by tapping him on the shoulder and saying, 'Hi Alex'

During her appearance on Ellen, J.Lo shared the story of how she met her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez at a restaurant in LA. She approached him by tapping him on the shoulder and introducing herself. Meanwhile, on the show, Ellen joked with Max about the box he was playing in falling apart and even threatened to sue him, teasingly of course. While promoting her upcoming show World of Dance, J.Lo also talked about her relationship with retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

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