“The Power of Taylor Swift: Singer Calls Out Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta During AMAS Performance and Shares Personal Struggles in Acceptance Speech, Winning Six Awards”

During her much-awaited Artist of the Decade performance at the American Music Awards, Taylor Swift directed her criticism towards Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, following their widely-publicized feud. The singer-songwriter also revealed to the audience that she has had a challenging year. In a white button-down dress shirt, Swift listed the titles of her previous albums, including 1989 and Fearless, before performing her female empowerment anthem – The Man. As a symbolic gesture, she removed the top to express her opposition to the record executives who own her earlier music catalog, despite writing all of it.

Iconic: It truly was Taylor Swift's night as she earned the top honor of Artist of the Year which lead her to eclipse Michael Jackson with 29 wins at the annual event for most of all-time during the American Music Awards on Sunday

What a night for Taylor Swift! She took home the biggest award of the night, the Artist of the Year, making her the new record holder with 29 total wins at the American Music Awards, surpassing the legendary Michael Jackson.

Eyes on the prize: Taylor took home a total of six awards on the night as she proudly posed with them backstage

Taylor Swift took home six awards during the event and proudly posed with them backstage. Her song explores the societal perception of both genders, and she explained this to Vogue. She showcased her attention to detail by turning around to reveal “Fearless” written on her back before unveiling a glittering gold outfit. The night belonged to Taylor as she won Artist of the Year, bringing her total wins at the event to 29, surpassing Michael Jackson’s record of 23. She also opened up about her challenging year, which had its highs and lows that were widely publicized.

Taking a stand: Taylor began her performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday wearing a white dress shirt with the titles of all her older albums on it

Showing off: She turned around to show Fearless on the back before ditching the garment

Taylor started her show at Sunday’s American Music Awards donning a white dress shirt that showcased the names of her music collections like Fearless and 1989.

Tremendous trio: Her second to last song was mega-hit Shake It Off as she was joined by Camila Cabello (left) and Halsey whom both have been very vocal on social media in support of Swift

The astounding trio of musicians took the stage together for Taylor Swift’s second to last song, which happened to be the chart-topping sensation “Shake It Off.” Joining Swift were two talented artists, Camila Cabello on the left and Halsey, both of whom have made their support for Swift known on social media.

'This industry is really weird': She shed a little bit of light on the challenging year she's had during her acceptance speech after being presented the award by Regina King

In her acceptance speech, she shared a glimpse into the strange and difficult year she has had in this industry. Regina King presented her with the award.

'Some of the hardest things I've had to go through in my life': Swift was likely alluding to her mother's (Andrea Gardner Swift) battle with cancer

Swift may have been referring to her mother’s struggle with cancer as one of the most challenging experiences she has faced in life.

Sweet: Her mother, Andrea Gardner Swift, was obviously emotional as she had tears running down her face during her daughter's speech

Adorable: Andrea Gardner Swift, the mother of Sweet, couldn’t hold back her emotions as tears of joy flowed down her face while listening to her daughter’s heartfelt speech.

Icons: Taylor ended the show on-stage as Ciara announced that she was the most winning artist in the history of the award show

During the event, Taylor concluded her performance while Ciara made an exciting announcement – that Taylor has now become the most successful artist in the history of this award ceremony!

Moving and grooving: Taylor busted a move with Shania Twain

Taylor showed off her dance moves while hanging out with Shania Twain.

Good times: Shania closed out the show with a performance of modern songs and her old hits

The show ended on a high note as Shania took the stage, belting out a mix of contemporary tunes and classic hits that had the crowd cheering. It was a great time for all.

Vibes: Taylor had a big smile on her face as the confetti rained down

Taylor was beaming with joy as the colorful confetti showered over her.

Issa vibe: The backing dancers and Taylor, Ciara, and Shania seemed to be having a blast

It was quite the atmosphere: Taylor, Ciara, and Shania appeared to be enjoying themselves alongside their backup dancers.

Pretty in pink: Taylor and Shania proudly posed together

Taylor Swift and Shania Twain were caught on camera proudly posing together in their pink attire. Swift may have been alluding to her mother’s cancer battle during her emotional speech at the event, as her mom was seen with tears in her eyes throughout the night. The singer expressed her gratitude to her fans and acknowledged the ups and downs of the industry, stating that this year has been a mix of good and complicated experiences. She ended her performance with her hit song “Shake It Off,” joined by fellow singers Halsey and Camila Cabello, who have both been vocal in their support of Swift.

Taking a stand: She opened her performance with female empowering hit - The Man - before shedding the top to symbolically hit back at the record executives as they own her old catalog of music despite her writing all of it

Making a statement: She began her show by singing the empowering song for women, “The Man,” and then removed her top as a gesture of defiance towards the record executives who own her old music catalog despite her being the sole writer of all the songs.

Interesting: The song plays with the perception of men and women in society as she previously explained to Vogue : 'If I had made all the same choices, all the same mistakes, all the same accomplishments, how would it read?'

Fascinating: The tune toys with the notion of gender roles in our community, as she previously elaborated to Vogue: ‘If my decisions, errors, and achievements were identical, how would they be perceived?’

Shaking it off: The 29-year-old hitmaker then unveiled her glittering gold look

After expressing her support for Taylor Swift in August, Camila Cabello appeared at the American Music Awards with a glittering gold look. The 22-year-old singer shared her thoughts on the issue of Taylor’s music ownership, stating that it was frustrating to see an artist of her caliber getting “f***ed over.” Halsey also took to Instagram to criticize the situation, describing it as punishment and a means to silence Taylor. Despite the controversy, Swift was cleared to perform any of her previous hits at the ceremony, where she put on a show-stopping performance.

What a moment: Back in August, Camila voiced her support for Taylor while saying she believed that Taylor had been 'f***ed over' in an interview with Variety

How cool was it when Camila showed her backing for Taylor last August? During an interview with Variety, she openly expressed her belief that Taylor had been treated unfairly.

Sisterhood: Halsey previously commented writing on her Instagram Story: 'Not only are we looking at an awful business movie but this is just mean'

Halsey expressed her opinion on the issue of sisterhood through her Instagram Story. She commented that the situation is not only a terrible business move but also very cruel.

Fierce: The three women looked absolutely gorgeous during the inspiring performance

The three ladies on stage were absolutely stunning during their inspiring performance. According to a statement released by the Big Machine Label Group and Dick Clark Productions, they have reached an agreement to allow their artists’ performances to be streamed and rebroadcasted on mutually approved platforms. This includes upcoming performances by Thomas Rhett and Taylor Swift, who was formerly signed with Big Machine Records. Taylor Swift’s setlist was quite impressive, featuring Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space, Shake It Off, The Man, and Lover. Her finale included the graceful ballet dancers Misty Copeland and Craig Hall.

Interesting: The performance came after Swift was been cleared to perform any of her previous hits amid all the controversy

Fascinatingly enough, Swift was given the green light to showcase her past chart-toppers despite all the uproar surrounding her.

Wow factor: She looked absolutely stunning in a shimmering gold bodysuit featuring a frilly detailing

Shake It Off: Taylor was full of energy

I was completely blown away by her appearance when she came out in a dazzling gold bodysuit with delicate frilly accents. She looked absolutely gorgeous!

Incredible: It was quite the setlist as she played Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space, and Shake It Off in that order sandwich between The Man and Lover

Unbelievable: The sequence of songs she performed was simply amazing! Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space, Shake It Off, The Man, and Lover – all in perfect order.

Shining star: Taylor put on a fantastic peformance

Taylor dazzled on stage with an outstanding performance.

Legends: She was joined by ballet dancers Misty Copeland and Craig Hall for her finale

Mythical tales have it that the last segment of the performance was graced by none other than Misty Copeland and Craig Hall, both exquisite ballet dancers.

Just desserts: The crowd gave Taylor a standing ovation for the fantastic career-spanning performance

Taylor received a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience after delivering an amazing career-spanning performance. Although she was signed by Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records when she was still a teenager, she has been unsuccessful in her attempts to buy back the masters of her first six albums. Her description of Scooter Braun, who bought into Big Machine, as an “incessant, manipulative bully” prompted her to announce her plans to re-record her Big Machine albums next year. In response, Scooter denied Taylor’s claim that he is preventing her from performing her back catalog at the awards and revealed that he had received death threats because of it. In a lengthy statement on Instagram, he stressed the importance of understanding the weight of one’s words and how they can be interpreted differently. He also shared a screenshot of one of the threats and revealed that his wife had received phone calls threatening their children’s safety. Despite the controversy, Taylor’s phenomenal success over the past decade truly makes her deserving of all the recognition she has received.

'I can't believe it's you who gave me this award': Taylor was presented the Artist of The Decade Award by songwriting legend Carole King and paid tribute to the You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman hitmaker during the acceptance speech

It’s surreal that you’re the one presenting me with this award. At the recent ceremony, Taylor was granted the prestigious Artist of The Decade Award by none other than the iconic songwriter Carole King. During her speech, she expressed heartfelt gratitude to the You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman singer for the recognition.

Mutual admiration: Taylor and her idol Carole shared a sweet moment on stage together

Taylor shared a heartwarming moment with her idol Carole while accepting the Artist of The Decade Award at a recent awards ceremony. Her musical achievements during the decade, from 2010 to 2019, include five chart-topping albums, three #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, three worldwide stadium tours, and two Billboard Woman of the Year titles. Taylor expressed her disbelief at receiving the award from Carole King, who had been an inspiration to her since childhood. She acknowledged her parents’ influence in introducing her to Carole’s music and thanked Carole for teaching her the power of transcending different phases in people’s lives through music. Taylor’s mother was visibly moved during the performance and speech. Later in the night, Taylor won the Favorite Album trophy for Lover, beating out Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish in a tough category. She expressed her gratitude to her fans and record label, noting that the album represented a new beginning for her.

Loving it: Earlier in the night, Taylor tied Michael Jackson for most wins at the annual award show when she beat out Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish as she earned the Favorite Album trophy for Lover at the star-studded event

Taylor Swift had a great time at the annual award show as she tied with Michael Jackson for the most wins of the night. She was able to beat Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish and received the Favorite Album award for her album “Lover.” The event was full of famous celebrities, making the night even more exciting for Taylor.

Tough competition: The 29-year-old hitmaker beat out Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish as she earned the Favorite Album trophy for Lover on Sunday

Fierce rivalry: On Sunday, the 29-year-old music sensation triumphed over her competitors Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish by clinching the Favorite Album award for her record Lover.

Happy: During her acceptance speech she said: 'This is amazing! That was a really tough category, thank you to the fans! This album really felt like a new beginning and I really love my record label'

Stunning: Taylor looked gorgeous as always

Ecstatic: In the midst of her expression of gratitude, she exclaimed, “This is beyond amazing! The competition was stiff, but grateful to the fans who supported me! This musical project marked a fresh start, and I am deeply fond of my record label.”

'Thank you for being so generous': As her very public feud with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta has been headline-making news in recent weeks she seemingly shaded the two execs while putting over her new record company

Expressing her gratitude, Taylor Swift gave a subtle dig at Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta amidst their very public feud. She praised her new record company, UMG and Republic Records, for their generosity in allowing her to create the music she desires. Swift’s appreciation earned her six wins on the night, including Female Artist of the Year and Favorite Music Video, making her the artist with the most wins this decade at the AMAs. Meanwhile, Billie Eilish opened the show by receiving the first award of the night for Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock, presented by Chadwick Boseman. As she accepted the honor, Eilish struggled to find the right words and expressed her gratitude to her fans and supporters for making it all happen.

Staking her claim: Billie Eilish earned the very first award at the American Music Awards in the Favorite Artist - Alternative Rock category

Billie Eilish made history by winning the first-ever American Music Award in the Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock category. She has successfully staked her claim in the music industry with this remarkable achievement.

Sweet: Eilish seemingly had trouble finding the right words before saying: 'I feel like I can't say more to the fans and supporters because like you made this all happen man'

Eilish appeared to struggle with expressing herself as she stated, “It’s hard for me to fully convey my gratitude to all the fans and supporters who made this possible.”

'I grew up being in love with all of you': She admitted that she was shaking before continuing by talking about how much she admired all the artists in the room who came before her

As she addressed the crowd, she confessed that her nerves were getting the best of her. However, she went on to express her deep admiration for each and every artist in attendance, confessing that she had always been enamored with them.

Hamming it up: She sucked on a lollipop as she greeted some fans while exiting the stage

Playing it cool: With a lollipop in her mouth, she casually waved to her fans while leaving the stage.

Double duty: The teenage superstar became the first artist to hit the stage twice to accept gongs as she later earned Favorite New Artist beating out stiff competition including Luke Combs , Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Ella Mai

The young sensation accomplished a rare feat by being the only performer to take the stage twice during the award ceremony and receive two awards. In addition to her initial win, she also clinched the title of Favorite New Artist, triumphing over other strong contenders such as Luke Combs, Lil Nas X, Lizzo, and Ella Mai.

Winning: She won two of the biggest awards of the night

Success: She walked away with two major prizes during the event.

Rocking it: Sje later put on a fiery performance of her hit song All Good Girls Go To Hell

She absolutely killed it: she delivered an electric performance of her popular track, All Good Girls Go To Hell.

Flames: Billie donned a baggy black top and shorts combination with red sequins emblazoned to resemble fire

Shining star: She looked effortlessly cool with flame sunglasses

Billie chose to wear a loose-fitting black outfit consisting of shorts and a top that had red sequins depicting flames.

Lit: She jumped up and down as she hit the high notes

She bounced with excitement while reaching the high notes and confessed to trembling before adding, “I’m sorry to even be in this category. It’s insane to me that I’m considered with all of you.” She expressed her adoration for everyone in the room and felt overwhelmed by their attention. The young sensation created history by being the only artist to receive two awards and give acceptance speeches. She won Favorite New Artist, triumphing over notable competitors like Luke Combs, Lil Nas X, Lizzo, and Ella Mai. The songstress concluded her night with an electrifying performance of her hit track “All Good Girls Go To Hell.”

Proud: Halsey earned the second award of the nigh

Shining: She won Favorite Song - Pop/Rock for her single Without Me

Excitedly, Halsey was announced as the recipient of the second award of the evening – the Favorite Song – Pop/Rock trophy for her hit track, “Without Me.” This achievement is definitely a cause for celebration and pride for the talented artist.

Lovely: The 25-year-old star stunned in a low-cut white maxi dress with a thigh high split

Gorgeous: The young celebrity, who is 25 years of age, looked absolutely stunning in a long, white gown with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit.

Clean: Halsey had a busy night as she also performed Graveyard

Halsey had a jam-packed evening, as she took the stage to perform her hit song “Graveyard.”

Artsy: She and a dancer threw paint all over one another on a completely white set

Creative: Together, she and a dancer had an artsy moment where they splattered paint all over each other on a pristine white stage.

Colorful characters: The performance  was living art as the two even got very intimate

Vivid personalities: The show was a work of art in motion, with the two performers even sharing intimate moments.

Vibes: Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes won Collaboration of the Year for their smash hit Seniorita

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were awarded the Collaboration of the Year trophy for their chart-topping hit “Seniorita” which has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Chart toppers: Shawn and Camila performed the track together  earlier in the night

The hitmakers, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, collaborated on a performance of their popular song earlier in the evening.

Packing on the PDA: The two stars - who are a current couple - put on quite the steamy performance

Putting on a show: They also almost kissed

Getting Cozy in Public: This celebrity pair, currently in a romantic relationship, displayed an intense and passionate show of affection, almost culminating in a kiss.

Get a room: The two kept very close during the very intimate performance

The duo seemed to be inseparable during their highly intimate show, staying in close proximity to each other throughout.

Wonder in white: In addition to the duet and joining Taylor, Camila also had a solo peformance of Living Proof

The color of wonder: Besides performing a duet with Taylor, Camila showcased her talent with a solo performance of Living Proof.

Wonder in white: The Cuban-American singer looked super sultry in lacy white lingerie

Pure: She also rocked fishnet stockings

The Cuban-American vocalist was a sight to behold in her all-white ensemble, featuring delicate lace lingerie and sexy fishnet stockings. Her sultry look was absolutely captivating.

Quite the display: She was joined by several other scantily-clad dancers

What a show! Some other dancers in revealing outfits also joined her.

Proud: Happy couple Camila and Shawn showed off their new trophy backstage

Beaming with joy, Camila and Shawn proudly flaunted their latest accolade backstage.

Sweet: The two seemingly couldn't stop teasing cameras by pretending they were about to kiss

The cameras were continuously fooled by the playful antics of Eilish and Halsey, who pretended like they were going to kiss. Eilish is in contention for six AMAs, including the favorite pop/rock album and favorite female pop/rock artist categories. Her first album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, has been among the highest-selling albums of 2020, and its multiple top 40 hits include Bad Guy, which reached the pinnacle of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Halsey received her second award of the gala as she was crowned Favorite Song – Pop/Rock for her single Without Me. She made a pointed statement about award functions while thanking the AMAs for being the biggest fan-voted show, after being left out of the Grammy Awards ceremony earlier in the year.

Top of the world: Carrie Underwood was the biggest winner in the country music genre as she earned Favorite Album - Country

Heavy-hitters: She beat out Kane Brown and Dan + Shay

At the peak of her success, Carrie Underwood dominated the country music scene by triumphing over Kane Brown and Dan + Shay to take home the coveted Favorite Album – Country award.

Double dipping: When the 36-year-old hitmaker hit the stage she was surprised by actress and presenter Cobie Smulders with a second award in the Favorite Female Artist - Country category

The pop star, who is 36 years old, received a pleasant surprise during her performance when actress and presenter Cobie Smulders presented her with another award for Favorite Female Artist – Country. This act of receiving multiple awards in one category is often referred to as “double dipping.”

Can't stop her shine: Carrie posed up with her two shiny trophies in the press room

Carrie confidently displayed her two gleaming awards while striking a pose in the press room, proving that nothing can dull her radiance.

Making their name: Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay are seen accepting the Favorite Song - Country award for Speechless

During the AMAs, Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney accepted the Favorite Song – Country award for their hit track “Speechless”. Shay expressed her childhood memories of watching award shows and seeing artists accept gold-plated, shiny, weighted trophies that represented validation for their soul-crushing work in bringing a song to life. She admitted that she used to believe this award was the ultimate validation, but as an artist now, her feelings are conflicted. However, she praised the AMAs for being the world’s largest fan-voted awards show and giving fans a voice. She promised to keep making music for the fans and for herself because real music and fans keep the magic alive.

Stunning: Selena Gomez kicked off the show with an emotional performance of number one single Lose You To Love Me

Mesmerizing: The show began with Selena Gomez delivering a heartfelt rendition of her chart-topping single Lose You To Love Me.

Wow factor: She looked gorgeous in a black long-sleeved maxi dress

Wow factor: She looked gorgeous in a black long-sleeved maxi dress

She was absolutely stunning in a flowing black maxi dress with long sleeves.

Seeing triple: There were projected images of herself in the patterned background

The background had a complex design with multiple projected images of herself, giving the sensation of seeing triple.

Start the show: Dancers then came out and things popped into color as Selena slipped out of her black maxi dress into a sequined silver bodysuit as she performed Look At Her Now

Let’s kick off the performance! The dancers took the stage and suddenly the scene exploded with vibrant colors as Selena gracefully shed her black maxi dress, revealing a stunning sequined silver bodysuit. She then began to sing and dance to her hit song “Look At Her Now”.

Colorful character: She looked absolutely fantastic

Vibrant personality: Her appearance was truly stunning.

Cheering section: Selena had the support from Taylor and Halsey as they sang and danced along

Selena was backed up by her close friends Taylor and Halsey, who sang and boogied beside her, serving as her adorable cheering squad.

Absolute legend: Shania Twain closed out the night with a medley performance including herself covering Swift and Drake songs on the acoustic guitar

Shania Twain stole the show as she closed out the night with an exceptional medley performance, which included her acoustic guitar covers of both Swift and Drake’s songs. She was an absolute legend on stage!

That impresses me much: Shania then ditched the guitar and put on a high-octane performance of her hits

Fireball: She certainly closed the event in style

I was thoroughly impressed when Shania decided to ditch her guitar and take the stage with a high-energy performance of her popular hits.

Steamy: Shania rubbed the abs of a very hunky backing dancer

Sensual: Shania caressed the toned stomach muscles of a striking male dancer.

Respect: Taylor was seen fangirling over the country legend during the peformance

Taylor was spotted expressing her admiration for the country icon during the show. Camila Cabello and her beau, Shawn Mendes, were another highlight of the night as they received the award for Collaboration Of The Year for their hit song “Senorita.” Their performance was also a crowd-pleaser, featuring steamy moments where they sang and got cozy with each other, even touching noses at one point. In the country music category, Carrie Underwood emerged as the top winner, bagging the Favorite Album – Country award over Kane Brown and Dan + Shay.

Good as hell: Lizzo performed Jerome for the first time on television

Lizzo wowed audiences with her electrifying performance of Jerome on TV, marking the first time she showcased this hit song live. The crowd was left feeling good as hell after watching Lizzo’s exceptional performance.

Simply stunning: She looked gorgeous in a flowy  burgundy tulle maxi

It’s safe to say that she looked absolutely breathtaking in her elegant burgundy tulle maxi dress. The flowy silhouette accentuated her natural beauty and left everyone in awe of her stunning appearance.

Ravishing in red: Dua Lipa hit the stage for a performance of Don't Star Now

Looking stunning in a bold red outfit, Dua Lipa took to the stage to deliver an unforgettable performance of her hit song “Don’t Start Now”.

Simply stunning: Dua showed off her incredible figure in a clinging red bodysuit

Wow factor: She donned matching black tights and suede booties

Dua looked absolutely amazing as she flaunted her enviable curves in a tight-fitting red bodysuit paired with sleek black tights and trendy suede booties.

Shimmering: She was joined by dancers in metallic silver bodysuits

Glistening: Accompanied by dancers adorned in bodysuits of shiny silver metal.

Wonder in white: Legendary R&B singer Toni Braxton hit the stage

Legend: She performed her 90s classic Unbreak My Heart

Experience the magic of white: The iconic R&B musician, Toni Braxton, graced the stage with a mesmerizing performance of her 90s hit, Unbreak My Heart.

Racy: She donned a lacy white number featuring plenty of sheer paneling

Sensual: She wore a white dress with delicate lace detailing and sheer panels that added a touch of allure.

Dark prince: British rocker Ozzy Osbourne, 70, who has been sidelined by serious health problems for a year, was mostly seated as he took to the stage

The British rockstar, Ozzy Osbourne, known as the “Dark Prince,” was seated as he made his return to the stage after a year of struggling with serious health issues.

Skull crushing: Post Malone joined the Black Sabbath frontman on stage for their single Take What You Want

During a recent musical performance, Post Malone teamed up with the legendary Black Sabbath frontman to deliver their hit single “Take What You Want”. The energy was high and the audience was left in awe as the two talented musicians came together to create an unforgettable experience.

Unlikely pair: The two music stars definitely span generations with their fandom

An unexpected duo: These two musicians clearly have fans from different age groups.

Tremendous trio: They were also joined by Travis Scott

The fantastic threesome was accompanied by Travis Scott as well.

Sunday serve us: Kesha performed a gospel-inspired number alongside Big Freedia

On Sunday, we were treated to a delightful musical performance as Kesha and Big Freedia sang a gospel-inspired song together.

Big voice, bigger sleeves: Christina Aguilera performed Fall On Me with A Great Big World

Christina Aguilera showcased her stunning vocals and fashion sense during her performance of “Fall On Me” alongside A Great Big World. Her sleeves were especially noteworthy, adding to the overall impact of the performance.

Glow: Christina donned a flowy gold number featuring huge puffy sleeves

She's got range: Christina certainly hit all the high nots

Christina looked radiant in her dress that had a loose and airy design, adorned with a shimmering golden shade. The outfit was further accentuated by its large and voluminous sleeves that added an element of drama to her overall appearance.

Rocking out: Country star Thomas Rhett looked super cool in ripped blue jeans and brown suede Chelsea boots

Jamming it up: The popular country artist, Thomas Rhett, showed off his effortlessly chic style with a pair of distressed blue denim jeans and trendy brown suede Chelsea boots.

No American idiots: Punk rockers Green Day got the audience to its feet as they marked the 25th anniversary of their 1994 breakout album Dookie and they performed Basketcase

Green Day, the punk rock band, had the crowd up on their feet as they celebrated the 25th anniversary of their 1994 album Dookie by performing their hit song Basketcase. Selena Gomez opened the show with a moving performance of her number one single Lose You To Love Me. The 27-year-old singer’s debut was broadcasted in black and white while images of herself were projected onto a patterned background. Later in the evening, during the Favorite Female Artist – Country category, actress and presenter Cobie Smulders surprised the 36-year-old hitmaker with a second award. Let’s keep it real and avoid any American idiocy!

Shining star: Host Ciara then hit the stage in a shimmering gold romper

Rocking it: She had a blast while kicking off the show

Dazzling performer: The charming host, Ciara, opened the show in style with a sparkling, golden romper.

Killing it: She impressively danced and rapped while performing a song about melanin and chocolate

She absolutely slayed it with her amazing performance, effortlessly blending dance and rap to deliver a powerful message about the beauty of melanin and chocolate.

Supporting cast: SHe was joined by several backing dancers

Selena was accompanied by a group of dancers who added some vibrant hues to the performance. During her rendition of Look At Her Now, she changed from a black maxi dress to a sparkling silver bodysuit. The emcee for the night, Ciara, appeared on stage sporting a glittering gold romper and wowed the audience with her impressive dance moves and rapping skills. She performed a song about celebrating the beauty of melanin and chocolate. In another act, Ozzy Osbourne, a legendary British rocker who had been recovering from health issues for a year, teamed up with rappers Post Malone, Travis Scott, and rocker WATT to perform their hit single Take What You Want. Though he mostly sat during the performance, his presence added a touch of vintage charm to the stage.

A-lister: Regina King looked fantastic in a shimmering black number with a cutout at the chest

Regina King, a top Hollywood celebrity, looked absolutely stunning in a glittery black dress that featured a daring cutout at the chest.

Dynamic duo: Knives Out co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Katherine Langford presented together

The Knives Out actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Katherine Langford teamed up to present at an event.

Looking good: Billy Porter looked excellent in an all white look including intricate hat and Thom Browne coat

Billy Porter was rocking an impressive ensemble consisting of a white outfit complete with a detailed hat and a coat from Thom Browne, making him look absolutely fabulous.

Just us: Ben Platt, who donned a Coach ensemble for the star-studded event, and Misty Copeland hit the stage together

It was only Ben Platt and Misty Copeland who graced the stage during the event, with Platt sporting a Coach outfit.

Straight up: Paula Abdul looked fabulous as she presented

Let me be honest: Paula Abdul was absolutely stunning while she was on stage presenting.

Goals: Stumptown co-stars Michael Ealy and Cobie Smulders had  a good time as they presented on-stage

Michael Ealy and Cobie Smulders, who star in Stumptown, had a great time while presenting on stage.

Pretty in pink: Constance Wu presented the Favorite Song - Pop/ Rock

Constance Wu was looking lovely in pink as she presented the award for Favorite Song – Pop/Rock.

Flower boy: Tyler, The Creator introduced Billie Eilish's performance

Tyler, The Creator played the role of a flower boy as he introduced Billie Eilish’s performance.

Hero: Chadwick Boseman had the esteemed honor of being the first to present as he gave Billie Eilish the Favorite Artist - Alternative Rock gong

Chadwick Boseman had the privilege of being the first presenter at the awards ceremony as he presented the Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock award to Billie Eilish, earning him a hero status among the audience.

Emotional rockers: Rivers Cuomo of Weezer (left) and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy (right) gave emo kids the thrill of a lifetime as they presented together

Two of the most popular emotional rockers, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, teamed up to give a thrilling presentation that left emo kids in awe.

The man in black: Kane Brown looked handsome as he spoke on stage

Kane Brown, dressed in black, stood tall and attractive as he addressed the crowd. Green Day, the punk rock band, celebrated their popular album Dookie’s 25th anniversary by energizing the audience and bringing them to their feet. The night featured other talented musicians such as Jonas Brothers, Kesha, Halsey, Christina Aguilera, and the legendary Shania Twain. Fans can catch the live broadcast of the event on ABC from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Tremendous trio: Taylor was flanked by Billy Porter and Halsey

The outstanding threesome consisted of Taylor, who was accompanied by the talented Billy Porter and the charming Halsey.

Dynamic duo: Swift and Halsey looked gorgeous as they were seated next to each other

The combination of Swift and Halsey was simply stunning as they enjoyed each other’s company sitting side by side.

Just us: The two looked in great spirits as they supported fellow artist Selena Gomez during her performance

The pair appeared to be in high spirits as they cheered on their fellow artist Selena Gomez during her show. It was just the two of them enjoying the experience together.

Lovely: The A-lister looked in good spirits

Beautiful: The celebrity appeared to be in high spirits.

Old friends: Swift proved she hasn't forgotten about her country roots as she posed with Kelsea Ballerini

Swift showed that she still remembers her country music origins by taking a photo with Kelsea Ballerini, an old friend.

Rising stars: Billie and Dua Lipa posed for a cute snap together

Up-and-coming talents Billie and Dua Lipa captured an adorable photo while standing side by side.

Bond: Billie happily posed with her mother Maggie Baird

Billie and her mom Maggie Baird smiled together in a photo, showing off their happy bond.

Proud: Billie showed off her shirt which read 'no more music on a dead planet' in sequins

Billie proudly displayed her sequined shirt that had the message ‘no more music on a dead planet.’

So in love! Power couple Camila and Shawn posed for a snap as they sat in the crowd together

Camila and Shawn, the power duo who are head over heels in love with each other, have recently been spotted sitting together in the audience. They couldn’t resist taking a picture together to capture the moment.

Sweet: The two were joined for a snap by WATT

Nice: WATT made a guest appearance in a photo with the duo.

Country roots: Lil Nas X cuddled up with Shania Twain

Lil Nas X, the popular musician with a country flair, was recently spotted cozying up with none other than Shania Twain. The two musicians, who both have a deep appreciation for country music, were seen cuddled up together in what appeared to be a friendly moment between colleagues. It’s always heartwarming to see artists from different generations and backgrounds coming together to support one another. We can only imagine the amazing music that could come out of a collaboration between Lil Nas X and Shania Twain.

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