The Top 25 Craziest Fashion Choices by Miley Cyrus

We absolutely adore Miley Cyrus as she embodies a unique spirit of advocating for body positivity, promoting LGBTQA rights, and possessing an unmatched vocal talent. Her fashion choices are also out of this world! On the occasion of her 24th birthday, we have compiled a list of her most impressive outfits that have left the world stunned, shocked, and entertained. These outfits have impressed us beyond measure, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her special day! Happy Birthday, Miley!

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Miley Cyrus stole the show as the host of MTV VMA with her unforgettable outfits. Among them was a stunning Simone Harouche ensemble featuring plastic circles and PVC boots. It was a perfect 10/10!

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The 2015 appearance of Miley on the Tonight Show was a fashion statement that caught everyone’s attention. Instead of the usual LBDs, she went for a bright yellow outfit with bunny ears made of lace. If you’re interested in seeing other fashion moments like this, check out Glamour’s 2023 Women of the Year Red Carpet and watch every moment!

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Taking inspiration from Dolly Parton’s style, Miley Cyrus embraces the “more is more” philosophy. This can be seen in her bold fashion choices such as pairing a glitter tuxedo with cowboy boots and disco ball earrings for a night out.

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The “Wig of Wonders” was famously worn by Miley Cyrus on an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2015, where she used the wig as her entire outfit. It was such a bold and creative fashion statement that it deserves a round of applause!

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The Mouse Club

It’s impossible to erase the memory of Miley’s barely-there costume during her performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMAs. It’s a moment that will forever be etched in our minds.

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When it comes to denim, Miley Cyrus takes a unique approach. Her denim style is all about destruction, embellishments, large sizes, and ombre dye. So, if you want to rock denim like Miley, be sure to take some notes!

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Miley Cyrus has a talent for making heart-shaped pasties seem like a regular piece of clothing. This was evident during her performance at the Rock Roll Hall of Fame back in 2015.

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Miley Cyrus rocked a memorable style at the MTV VMA performance, featuring a unique combination of eyes-and-lips outfit, blonde dreadlocks, and an orange visor. It was a look that truly captured attention and left a lasting impression on viewers.

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The punk culture is still thriving, and Miley Cyrus proved it at the Met Gala with her daring outfit. The fishnet gown designed by Marc Jacobs was a bold fashion statement that looked stunning on the red carpet. Don’t you agree?

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The nickname of this outfit is “Raver Barbie”, and it was worn by Simone Harouche at the 2015 VMAs.

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A fantastic outfit that deserves an 11 out of 10! Miley’s sunny side up costume, along with her glittery boots and planetary headband, is definitely one of her most unique looks to date.

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Spending the night together!
Got my cozy pink jacket? Yep. Adorable kitten shirt? You bet. Comfy plastic shoes? Definitely. When I wore this playful and colorful outfit reminiscent of Lisa Frank during my appearance on The Tonight Show in 2016, it instantly gave off slumber party vibes.

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Once again, Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing pasties. However, this time the least interesting aspect of her outfit was the black circular pasties, as she sported a furry mesh ensemble.

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The outfit Miley donned for a Moschino party, featuring a fishnet skirt and jacket, is a perfect example of fashion that is both wild and trendy. This ensemble is further evidence that the two concepts blend seamlessly to create a spectacular look.

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The Caped Crusader made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a unique outfit that was purchased from Hollywood Boulevard. Miley added her own touch to the embellished outfit by adding sequined pasties, which have become somewhat of a signature for her.

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When it comes to staying comfortable, different people have different preferences. While some may prefer to wear sweats, Miley opts for a bright-orange jumpsuit as she steps out on parole. It’s all about personal choice – tomato, tomato.

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This custom-made Versace ensemble worn by Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards has earned her the title of the queen of daring fashion choices. Let’s pay homage to this iconic outfit, inspired by the sci-fi classic “Barbarella”.

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Cosmic Cardio

It’s safe to say that Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a plain old pair of Lululemon leggings to a charity walk. Her commitment to maximalism is on full display with these space-themed leggings that are out of this world.

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Let’s get physical! Miley is a huge fan of the vintage leotard look from the 80s. It’s refreshing to see her switch things up by pairing it with high heels and a flashy fringe jacket instead of the typical sweatshirt and sneakers combo. And we’re totally here for it!

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The Coachella fever is on, and Miley Cyrus takes it up a notch by flaunting her unique style. She outdoes the traditional crop top look with her glittery eyes, comfortable orthopedic sneakers, and a fanciful princess tiara. Adding to the quirkiness, she even carries a balloon handbag. Well played, Miley!

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Miley Cyrus is a fashion icon and when her attire resembles a burst of emojis, it’s evident that she’s nailing it.

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