Tiffany Haddish Responds to Accusations of Harassment and Photobombing Shakira at VMAs

Tiffany Haddish became an instant hit on social media after the 2023 MTV VMAs when she photobombed Shakira several times and hilariously followed her while shouting the singer’s name. However, Haddish is not oblivious to the criticism she received for her actions. In fact, she acknowledges it and takes it in stride. The comedian went viral when a video emerged showing her shouting “Shakira! Shakira!” as the Colombian star was posing for selfies. Haddish managed to photobomb at least one picture, but Shakira didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the two eventually posed for a photo together, joined by Karol G, and Shakira appeared unfazed by Haddish’s antics.

Despite the ongoing negative comments online, Haddish’s popularity only continued to soar in the past week. Criticisms of Haddish “harassing” Shakira flooded social media platforms, prompting Haddish to express her gratitude for all the attention. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Haddish wrote, “I appreciate all the videos and remarks, whether positive or negative. You are all contributing to my increasing fame and relevancy.” Haddish further noted that this was driving her detractors crazy, as they longed to have her level of success and influence. However, Haddish confidently asserted that her status is impenetrable, and her detractors will never attain it.

This was her second attempt to address the negative opinions that were accumulating. She replied to Pop Crave on Friday with a video and photos (which can be seen above) to counteract the criticisms. In response to those who thought she did too much, she found it interesting and urged them to buy Shakira’s new album. This incident made her realize how popular she actually is, and she appreciates everyone’s opinions. She concluded by thanking them and wishing them a happy Shana Tova. Below, you can find some of the responses to Haddish’s viral moment with Shakira.

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