“Timeless Fashion: Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid’s Ensembles Take You on a Nostalgic Trip”

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If we were to plan an outfit for a casual Friday hangout with our best friend in 1994, it would look quite similar to Taylor Swift’s current style. It’s interesting to wonder when a cat t-shirt, faded black jean shorts, pink sunglasses, and chunky sneakers – reminiscent of LA Gear light-ups – became trendy enough for a pop star in her 20s to wear while having lunch with Gigi Hadid. We can’t quite pinpoint the exact moment, but here we are in 2018, rocking these styles.

Previously, the go-to off-duty outfit for models and celebrities consisted of denim, ankle boots, a tee or tank, and something with a touch of sex appeal. However, now even Gigi Hadid seems to be opting for a more relaxed and casual look, wearing a hoodie from Taylor Swift’s merchandise collection, faded black jeans, similar sneakers, and a sparkly Chanel bag that could have been taken straight from the closet of Jenna Rink. The only thing missing is their sticker-covered Trapper Keepers. So, why do we find this new trend so appealing? Perhaps it’s the nostalgia it brings, but it’s also the comfort and happiness that comes from wearing what we feel good in. It’s refreshing to let go of the body-con tanks and crop tops and instead embrace the critter-covered tees and comfy kicks we loved in elementary school.

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