Travis Scott Compliments Kylie Jenner on Instagram Post: Rekindling Friendship Months After Breakup

Travis Scott, who used to be Kylie Jenner’s significant other, left a comment on her recent post about Kylie Cosmetics. The post included three pictures that showcased behind-the-scenes moments from a photoshoot for KYLASH mascara. The 25-year-old beauty entrepreneur donned a stunning black gown with long sleeves that had gloves attached. She stood in front of a white backdrop with her dark hair styled into a messy bun. In the caption, Jenner announced that the new mascara would be launched on April 6th. Despite facing allegations of assaulting a sound engineer and damaging his equipment last month, the rapper from Astroworld left a compliment on Kylie’s post, saying “A beauty.”

Nice words: Scott wrote 'A beauty' on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account Saturday

Amicable exes: Kylie Jenner posted images in a sleek black gown with an open back on Saturday

Friendly former flames: Over the weekend, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s former beau, left a complimentary comment on her Instagram post promoting Kylie Cosmetics.

Interesting: The Astroworld rapper - accused of punching a sound engineer in the head and damaging his equipment last month - complimented Kylie on her post, writing, 'A beauty'

The rapper known as Astroworld has been accused of assaulting a sound engineer and damaging his equipment. Despite this, he recently commented on an Instagram post by his ex-partner Kylie Jenner, calling her a beauty. The couple split in December due to allegations of infidelity involving an Instagram model, which the rapper denied. They share two children, Stormi and Aire, who was previously named Wolfe but had his name legally changed in January. Kylie explained that they regretted the initial name choice and that Aire was a better fit for their child. The couple first met at Coachella in 2017 and welcomed their daughter less than a year later. Although they split in October 2019, they remain committed to co-parenting and Kylie referred to the rapper as her best friend in a 2020 interview with Harper’s Bazaar.


Posh: The makeup maven was clad in a backless black gown with long sleeves that extended into gloves

Posh: The beauty expert was wearing a stunning black gown that had an open back and long sleeves that covered her hands like gloves.

BTS: The company kept its 25.6 million fans engaged with a trio of behind-the-scenes images from a KYLASH mascara photoshoot. Travis commented on the post, writing, 'A beauty'

The followers of BTS were kept entertained by their favorite group’s management. The management shared three exclusive pictures from the KYLASH mascara photoshoot, giving fans an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Rapper Travis also made an appearance in the comments section, leaving a compliment saying “A beauty.”

Co-parenting: Kylie shares both children with ex-boyfriend Scott whom she split from in December after dating on/off for five years; seen in 2022

Kylie is co-parenting her children with her ex-boyfriend Scott, whom she separated from in December. The couple had been in an on-and-off relationship for five years. This arrangement allows the two parents to share responsibilities for their kids despite their separation.

Last month back to back birthdays: The makeup guru celebrated her children's back-to-back birthdays, when daughter Stormi turned five on February 1, and Aire turned one the following day

In the previous month, there were two consecutive birthdays in the family of the makeup guru. She joyously celebrated her children’s back-to-back birthdays. Firstly, her daughter Stormi turned five on February 1st, and then the next day her son Aire turned one. It was surely a delightful time for the family.

On stage again: The performer has kept a low profile since tragedy struck his sold-out Astroworld Festival in November last year - pictured at The O2 Arena on August 07 in London, England

Back in the limelight: The artist has been keeping a low profile ever since the unfortunate incident that occurred during his Astroworld Festival, which was a huge success back in November last year. Recently, he was spotted on stage at The O2 Arena in London, England on August 7th.

Real life horror: Travis is still facing multiple lawsuits over the deaths of 10 people at his 2021 Astroworld concert

Scott is currently facing several lawsuits following the tragic deaths of 10 people at his Astroworld concert in 2021. Kylie Jenner, a reality TV star, revealed that her shared love for their daughter motivates her and her ex-partner Travis Scott to remain connected and coordinated. Despite their separation in 2015, Kylie looks up to her parents’ Kris and Caitlyn’s co-parenting approach as an example. She wants to ensure that Stormi receives the same level of attention and care that she received from her parents. In May 2021, Kylie and Travis rekindled their romance, and in September of the same year, they announced that they were expecting their second child. However, the news was overshadowed by the tragic incident at Travis’s Astroworld Festival, where 10 people lost their lives. Nevertheless, on February 6, 2022, Kylie confirmed through an online platform that she gave birth to a baby boy and posted a lovely black-and-white photo of her son’s tiny hand. The rapper has also been accused of assaulting a sound engineer and damaging equipment worth $12,000 in a high-end nightclub and agreed to hand himself over to NYPD investigators last month.

Alleged victim: Mark Divine, the sound engineer who was attacked by Scott, says that his neck 'f****d up' following the incident

According to Mark Divine, the alleged victim of Scott’s attack, his neck was severely affected after the incident.

Incident: Travis Scott has settled with a nightclub and sound engineer he allegedly assaulted during a incident in New York City in February, reports TMZ  ( pictured at Club Nebula in February)

Last month, Scott put on a show at Club Nebula, but unfortunately, there were reports of him getting into some trouble. It’s been said that he punched one of the sound engineers and even threw a fan’s phone to the ground.

Travis is facing accusations of threatening and pushing a DJ before the alleged attack on Mark. A video from the club showed him yelling and allegedly slapping a fan’s phone out of their hand when he realized he was being filmed. Although a representative for the rapper claimed it was a ‘misunderstanding,’ eyewitnesses saw him punch a sound engineer and throw a fan’s phone to the ground. According to a source close to Kylie Jenner, Travis has a history of anger issues which contributed to their breakup.

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