“Unapologetically Bold: Cyrus Rocks Ribbed Top and Mini Skirt for Show-Stopping Performance”

During her most recent performance, Miley Cyrus had a wardrobe malfunction. Despite this mishap, she is handling it with a laid-back attitude.

Miley Cyrus Addresses New Year's Eve Wardrobe Malfunction

On a Friday night in Miami, Florida, the talented musician had a spectacular performance for a televised New Year’s Eve special that she co-hosted with Pete Davidson. During her performance of the popular hit “Party in the USA,” something unexpected happened – her silver halter top appeared to snap and fall off. However, the quick-thinking artist caught the shirt, walked backstage, and changed into a stylish red blazer without missing a beat, all while continuing to give an outstanding performance. As previously reported by Rebecca Harrington from Insider, this incident added a bit of excitement to the already unforgettable night.

Miley Cyrus laughs off wardrobe malfunction

After a few days, the singer known for her hit song “Midnight Sky” still appears to be self-assured. Recently, she took to Instagram to share a snapshot of herself sporting a dazzling two-piece ensemble and wrote, “Take a good look at the top that didn’t last long….. 🥵.” During the performance, Cyrus showcased a range of daring outfits, including a torn top paired with a matching mini-skirt. Additionally, she sported a black mini-dress adorned with gold chains, a fringed jumpsuit, as well as a blue bralette worn under a short coat crafted from rainbow-colored feathers.

Miley Cyrus Has Wardrobe Malfunction During NYE Party Special in Miami: PH๏τo 4685163 | Miley Cyrus PH๏τos | Just Jared: Entertainment News

Cyrus rocked a dazzling ensemble consisting of glittery platform heels, diamond earrings, and a cute miniskirt fashioned from pink lace. Furthermore, the singer divulged via Instagram that she flaunted some daring backstage outfits as well.

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