Unleashing her inner rebel: Gal Gadot ditches the Hollywood glam for a day out with husband, enjoying cigarettes and beer with no make-up on.

The actress who portrays Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, was seen smoking a cigarette on Sunday during a leisurely walk with her husband Jaron Varsano in London’s Hampstead area. Although her upcoming film, the spy thriller Heart of Stone, has been keeping her busy, Gadot was able to enjoy a brief break and indulge in a beer while taking a stroll. Despite her fictional character’s impressive physical abilities, it’s understandable if Wonder Woman may need to catch her breath after seeing her portrayer lighting up.

Smoke break: Wonder Woman could be forgiven for being a little wheezy if she ever makes it back to the big screen after the actress responsible for playing her lit up a cigarette on Sunday

If Wonder Woman ever graces our movie screens again, it wouldn’t be surprising if she has a bit of a coughing fit, all thanks to the actress who played her. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, the 37-year-old actress was spotted in a posh London neighborhood sporting an olive T-shirt, an Anine Bing army jacket, jeans, and black Converse boots. She looked relaxed and carefree as she leisurely smoked a cigarette while wearing heavily tinted sunglasses that were her only noticeable accessory. Gadot chose to go without makeup, making it nearly impossible for anyone to recognize her as she and her companion strolled into a nearby café. They found an outdoor table, mingled with other patrons, and blended in perfectly with the London crowd.

Side by side: Out for an afternoon stroll in London's leafy Hampstead, Israeli actress Gal Gadot was hand in hand with film producer husband Jaron Varsano

Walking together: Israeli actress Gal Gadot and film producer husband Jaron Varsano were spotted taking a leisurely walk in the picturesque Hampstead neighborhood of London.

Beer we go: Thirsty Gal was also seen downing a beer during her latest public appearance

Cheers to this: Thirsty Gal was spotted sipping on a frosty brew during her most recent public outing.

Low key appearance: The actress looked relaxed in a casual olive T-shirt, Anine Bing army jacket and jeans as she ventured out in the upmarket London suburb

Low key appearance: The actress looked relaxed in a casual olive T-shirt, Anine Bing army jacket and jeans as she ventured out in the upmarket London suburb

In a subtle and understated manner, the actor appeared at ease sporting an informal olive-colored T-shirt, paired with a khaki green jacket and jeans as she explored the sophisticated neighborhood of London.

Smoking hot: She puffed on a cigarette while making the most of a rare day away from the set of he forthcoming film, spy thriller Heart Of Stone

In the midst of a day off from filming her upcoming spy thriller, Heart Of Stone, Gal Gadot was spotted smoking a cigarette as she enjoyed some downtime. Accompanied by her companion Jaron, the pair casually sipped on two beers before being approached by a few fans who were thrilled to cross paths with the actress. Gadot graciously took a selfie with them and even snapped a photo of herself and Jaron before continuing their outing on the streets of London.

Upbeat: Gal and husband Jaron appeared to be in high spirits during their latest appearance in the English capital on Sunday

Close: The actress wrapped an arm around her husband's lower back as they crossed the pavement

Cheerful: Gal and her spouse Jaron looked like they couldn’t be separated as they stepped out in London over the weekend.

Finishing touches: added to her look with a pair of black Converse boots, while heavily tinted sunglasses appeared to be her only notable accessory

As the final touches to her outfit, she slipped into a stylish pair of black Converse boots. The most notable accessory she wore were her heavily tinted sunglasses, which added an air of mystery to her overall look.

Natural: Opting to forgo make-up, Gal was almost unrecognizable as the couple made their way into a local café for a bite to eat

Don't mind me: The actress idled on the pavement before making  her way inside

Gal’s natural look was a stark contrast to her usual make-up routine as she and her partner headed into a nearby café for a meal. Her bare face made it difficult to recognize her at first glance.

There she is: Gal removed her sunglasses before entering as she enjoyed a day off on Sunday

Gal, who is a mother of three children, enjoyed her day off on Sunday. Before entering her destination, she removed her sunglasses. She shares Alma (10), Maya (5), and Daniella (12 months) with her husband Jaron, whom she married in 2008. Recently, she posted a photo of herself and her husband on a walk, revealing that their lives are about to get more chaotic with a busy schedule and a full house after the birth of their third child. She wrote that they decided to spend a beautiful Saturday outdoors in the winter sun to take some family time off before diving into some exciting new projects as the next few months will be extremely busy and hectic.

Refreshments: The pair enjoyed a beer after finding a couple of outdoor seats at the local venue

Beverages were their choice of refreshment as they savored a cold beer, seated outside the nearby establishment.

Bottom's up: Gal downed her drink...

... while husband Jaron scanned his phone for messages

Gal gulped down her beverage as Jaron was busy scrolling through his phone, possibly looking for any new notifications.

Say cheese: Despite their low-key appearance the couple still attracted fans and politely obliged their requests for selfies

“Cheese please!” Even though they looked low-key, the couple still managed to gather fans who eagerly asked for selfies and were obliged with politeness. In September 2021, the actress landed a role in director Tom Harper’s Heart of Stone as Rachel Stone. The star-studded cast also includes Jamie Dornan, Sophie Okonedo, Alia Bhatt, and Matthias Schweighöfer with Tom Harper directing. The movie’s plot is shrouded in secrecy, and the roles of most of the stars are still unknown. All we know is that it’s a spy thriller.

Here we go: Gadot was also keen to document the day out by using her own phone to take a photo with Jaron before before they made their way onto the street

Gadot was excited to capture their outing and snapped a photo with Jaron using her personal phone before they headed out onto the street.

That's better: The actress enjoyed another smoke as she took the weight off her feet on Sunday

That's better: The actress enjoyed another smoke as she took the weight off her feet on Sunday

The female performer had a moment to relax on Sunday and decided to light up another cigarette while resting her tired feet.

Here's to us: Jaron raised his glass as they couple let off steam during a rare day off work

Cheers to our happiness! Jaron lifted his drink as the couple took advantage of a much-needed break from their daily grind.

Step by step: The couple soon made their way back onto the street in upmarket Hampstead

The pair eventually strolled back onto the posh streets of Hampstead. Tom, a renowned director of hit shows like Peaky Blinders and Aeronauts, has teamed up with Greg Rucka and Allison Roeder to pen the script for this exciting new project. The movie is currently in production under the watchful eye of Skydance Media, the same folks behind smash hits like Mission: Impossible: Fallout, The Old Guard, and Annihilation. After an intense round of bidding wars, Netflix emerged victorious and secured the rights to release the film. Filming has been taking place throughout London and Shropshire.

New role: Gadot joined the cast of director Tom Harper's Heart of Stone, playing the role of Rachel Stone, in September 2021

In September 2021, Gal Gadot landed a new gig as Rachel Stone in Heart of Stone, a film directed by Tom Harper. This exciting new role marks the latest addition to Gadot’s already impressive career in Hollywood.

Proud parents: Gadot raises children Alma, 10, Maya, five and Daniella, 12-months with husband Jaron, who she married in 2008

Proud parents: Gadot raises children Alma, 10, Maya, five and Daniella, 12-months with husband Jaron, who she married in 2008

Gadot and her partner Jaron, who tied the knot in 2008, are the proud parents of three children: Alma, aged 10, Maya, aged five, and Daniella, aged 12 months.

Casual: Film producer Jaron dressed down in a blue sweater, jacket and chinos on Sunday

Jaron, who is a film producer, opted for a casual look on Sunday. He was seen wearing a cozy blue sweater, a jacket and a pair of comfortable chinos.

Splashing out: The couple also visited a string of shops during their appearance in the upmarket London suburb

The pair took a leisurely stroll through an affluent area of London and stopped by several stores to peruse the merchandise.

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