Unraveling the Mystery: Jay-Z Shares the Story Behind Naming Daughter Blue Ivy and the Alternate Option They Considered

Jay-Z has finally disclosed the cute story behind his daughter Blue Ivy’s name, ending years of speculation. The iconic rapper, who also shares twins Sir and Rumi with Beyoncé, had kept quiet about their 11-year-old’s moniker. Despite many assuming that the name ‘Blue’ signified the couple’s favorite color, Jay-Z recently shared with Gayle King that it originated from a nickname they had given their unborn daughter based on her first sonogram. Initially, they had planned to name her Brooklyn, but things changed along the way.

Jay-Z has revealed the true story behind his 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy's name

Jay-Z recently disclosed the real meaning behind his daughter Blue Ivy’s name, which has been a topic of discussion for years.

Her unique moniker was inspired after the rapper and wife Beyoncé referred to her as a 'little blueberry' for nine months throughout the pregnancy

Jay-Z recently shared the adorable origin of his daughter Blue Ivy’s name. According to him, the unique moniker was inspired by a nickname that he and Beyoncé used during her pregnancy. They called their unborn child “little blueberry” because of her size during the sonograms. This nickname stuck for nine months, and they eventually decided to take the “berry” off it and name her Blue.

In addition to sharing the cute story behind their daughter’s name, Jay-Z also revealed that Blue now sees him as a “cool dad.” She comes to him and Beyoncé for advice, particularly on whether her sneakers are cool. Jay-Z admitted that there was a time when she used to be embarrassed by him, but now he is happy that she considers him cool. Blue’s fame skyrocketed over the summer when she performed alongside her mom during her Renaissance Tour.

Jay-Z revealed that he and Beyoncé had originally planned to name their daughter Brooklyn

During an interview, Jay-Z shared that he and Beyoncé had a different name in mind for their daughter before she was born. The couple had initially considered naming her after the New York City borough where Jay-Z grew up: Brooklyn.

He also said that Blue Ivy now asks him for fashion advice - and thinks he's a 'cool' dad

He also mentioned how his daughter, Blue Ivy, seeks his opinion when it comes to fashion and considers him as a trendy father.

The 99 Problems rapper proudly talked about his daughter during an interview with Gayle King

Jay-Z, the artist behind 99 Problems, expressed his pride in his daughter while being interviewed by Gayle King.

Blue Ivy recently took the world by storm after she joined mom Beyoncé on her world tour

Blue Ivy made headlines recently when she joined her mom Beyoncé on her global tour. Her flawless dance moves stole the show and she quickly became an internet sensation. Proud dad Jay-Z couldn’t help but express his admiration in an interview with Gayle, saying that seeing his daughter on stage gave him goosebumps. Beyoncé also shared her pride in Blue’s performing skills after her first private show in Paris last May. In a separate interview, Jay-Z settled the debate about whether to accept half a million dollars in cash or go for a fancy lunch, urging people to take the money and not cut a bad deal.

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