When Girls Come Together: Taylor Swift Takes the Stage with Supermodel BFFs for Festival Headline Performance

The British Summer Time festival-goers who were eagerly waiting for Taylor Swift’s arrival at London’s Hyde Park got more than they bargained for when the pop star brought along her famous gal pals Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt, and Serena Williams. The surprise appearance of Taylor’s celebrity squad added to the excitement of the event, which was already a spectacular show. As the concert drew to a close, Taylor and her friends took to the stage in a sparkling sequinned ensemble, giving the audience seven times the entertainment they expected.

Gilrband: Taylor Swift is joined by Martha Hunt, Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne for London's British Summer Time festival on Saturday night

Taylor Swift was accompanied by a group of talented and beautiful women, including Martha Hunt, Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne, for the British Summer Time festival held in London on Saturday night. Despite being an event in the UK, only Cara Delevingne represented Great Britain, whereas the rest of the American ladies were just making brief visits to the country. Even Kendall Jenner had to miss out on her brother-in-law Kanye West’s headline performance at Glastonbury to attend the festival. She had flown directly from Paris after participating in Givenchy’s Men’s Fashion Week SS15 catwalk. Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid had just returned from California, Karly from New York City, and Cara had been touring several European destinations to promote her latest film, Paper Towns.

What a show: Taylor and her girlfriends all danced on to stage to accompany the starlet with her song

What an amazing performance! Taylor and her gal pals took the stage and danced alongside the superstar while she sang her heart out.

Flying the flag: Cara Delevingne was the only one flying the flag for Great Britain on the night

Representing the UK: Cara Delevingne was the sole flag-bearer for her country on that particular evening.

You go girl: Tennis ace Serena Williams lead the procession of beauties and gave a twirl

Serena Williams, the talented tennis player, was at the forefront of a group of stunning ladies and even twirled around to show off her outfit. Taylor Swift’s recent performance was her most provocative yet, as she exuded sex appeal by leaning against a door and strutting in high heels. She changed into two black and white outfits, sporting crop tops, tiny shorts, knee-high boots, and suspenders. During her performance, Taylor brought sunshine to the stage with her vibrant energy, as the headliner for the British Summer Time festival. Her aqua sequins and leggy metallic skirt showcased her girl power and left fans eagerly awaiting her performance.

BFFs: The group were in high spirits as they hung out backstage before Taylor wowed the crowd 

Best Friends Forever: The squad was filled with excitement as they chilled together behind the scenes prior to Taylor’s breathtaking performance.

Saucy performer: It was quite a teasing show from the former clean teen

Cheeky entertainer: The ex squeaky-clean adolescent put on a tantalizing performance.

Fabulous figure: The blonde wore tiny shorts and thigh high boots with the ensemble

The stunning lady flaunted her amazing physique by sporting a pair of short shorts and thigh-high boots to complete her look.

Looking leggy: She put on a whole show for the Hyde Park audience

Wow, she certainly stole the show at Hyde Park with her long, toned legs on full display. The audience couldn’t take their eyes off her as she confidently strutted her stuff and put on quite a performance.

Music maker: She returned to her country roots and played with a guitar on her chest

As a music enthusiast, she decided to reconnect with her roots and explore the country music genre. With a guitar strapped to her chest, she began creating melodies that were meaningful and authentic to her personal experiences.

Show stopper: Seen across the skyline, it was an impeccable performance for fans

An absolute crowd-pleaser, the show was stunningly displayed across the entire horizon, leaving fans completely mesmerized by the flawless performance.

Raunchy: The former clean teen even enjoyed a moment with one of her dancers

Taylor Swift put on a sensational show, surprising fans with her raunchy performance. The former wholesome teen sensation shared a moment with one of her male dancers, who were all decked out in white shades to shield themselves from the sun. Taylor added a pop of color to her look with a bold red lipstick and a dazzling sequin bomber jacket from Jaded London. However, it was her £26.5million legs that stole the show as she flaunted them in a striking purple mini skirt. Her iridescent stage image only added to the overall spectacle of her performance.

Sex appeal: Taylor wore a tiny black bralet and shorts later that night in a quick outfit change

Taylor opted for a sultry look for the remainder of the evening by swapping her previous attire with a small black bralet and shorts.

Shake it off: She was perspiring as she strained under the abnormally high London temperatures

Don’t sweat it: The scorching London heat had her working up a sweat.

Impassioned: Taylor gave the fans what they wanted, and that was a dedicated sing along

Enthusiastic: Taylor fulfilled the fans’ desires by delivering a performance filled with enthusiastic sing-alongs.

Looking trim: After all that working out, it's little wonder Taylor was looking impeccable

Appearing fit: It’s no surprise that Taylor looked flawless after dedicating time to exercise.

Hair mare: Taylor had some trouble maintaining her tresses as she worked up a sweat

Hair troubles: Taylor faced a challenge in managing her locks while getting sweaty during her 1989 world tour stop in London. The show had an eager audience, including Spice Girls alumni Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, and TV personalities Emma Willis and Tess Daly. In a delightful surprise for Taylor, her close pal Ellie Goulding pumped up the crowd with an energetic performance before Taylor took the stage. Ellie, who also stars in Taylor’s music video for Bad Blood, put on a passionate show, bouncing around with fervor.

Bringing the sun: Taylor looked sensational as she arrived in London on Saturday night for a headline performance at Hyde Park's British Summer Time festival

Taylor made a stunning entrance in London on Saturday evening to take center stage at the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park. She looked absolutely gorgeous!

Girl power: The leggy blonde gave her outfit oomph with a red lip and her abs on show

Female empowerment: The tall, blonde woman added flair to her attire by wearing bold red lipstick and revealing her toned abdominal muscles.

The one they've been waiting for: The packed out crowd were waiting to see the starlet put on a real show

The highly anticipated moment had finally arrived as the enthusiastic audience eagerly awaited the performance of their beloved celebrity. The atmosphere was electric as everyone was eager to witness a memorable show.

Crowd pleaser: The blonde looked sensational as her male dancers backed her up on stage

The blonde singer stole the show with her stunning appearance on stage, as her male dancers provided support in the background. Before the London performance, the singer and her close friends enjoyed a dinner together in Notting Hill on Friday night. The gathering was an opportunity for Ellie and Taylor to catch up on each other’s lives, particularly Taylor’s new relationship with Calvin Harris, who is also Ellie’s collaborator on the hit song “Outside”. Although Taylor’s stay in London was brief, she will be moving on to Dublin this week to continue promoting her album 1989 through her sold-out tour.

Backstage with Hermione Granger: Harry Potter star Emma Watson joined Taylor backstage at the show

Chilling behind the scenes with Hermione Granger herself, Emma Watson, who made a special appearance with Taylor at her concert.

Girl talk: (L-R) Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner looked particularly stylish as they headed to the gig together 

Three stylish ladies – Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner – were spotted on their way to a concert, deep in conversation. The trio looked fabulous as they walked together.

Opposites attract: While Karlie opted for an all white ensemble, Kendall chose all black 

It’s true what they say about opposites attracting – just take a look at Karlie and Kendall’s fashion choices. Karlie went for a crisp, clean all white outfit, while Kendall opted for a sleek, edgy all black look. Even in their wardrobe choices, these two supermodels couldn’t be more different!

Monochrome magic: Gigi looked incredible in a co-ordinating striped two-piece 

Gigi dazzled in a matching striped ensemble, showcasing the power of monochrome fashion.

Playful: Supermodel Cara Delevingne was also in tow and rocking her favourite Simpsons pyjamas 

Fun-loving: Famous supermodel Cara Delevingne was also present and flaunting her beloved Simpson-themed sleepwear.

Loving it: Kendall seemed particularly taken with the show as she watched next to her fellow model pal 

Kendall appeared to enjoy the show immensely as she watched alongside her model friend. Taylor had recently fought for her music to be accessible on Apple streaming services, which was a notable victory for her. As of now, Spotify can be utilized on PlayStation Music, allowing users to enjoy their preferred tracks, albums, and playlists on demand via PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3. For additional information about PlayStation Music, head over to www.playstation.com/playstationmusic.

Model behaviour: Karlie (left) and Cara (right) cheered Taylor on from the VIP area 

Karlie and Cara, who were seated in the VIP section, were rooting for Taylor as she performed on stage, setting a positive example for others to follow.

Lovely: Cara stroked Karlie's back as they enjoyed their time off in the sunshine 

Cara caressed Karlie’s back while they basked in the sun during their break.

Cool: Joe Jonas hid behind his dark sunglasses (left) while Kendall pulled funny faces (right)

Flawless: She looked stunning wearing minimal make-up

Chill: Kendall and Joe Jonas were spotted together, with Joe playing it cool behind his shades while Kendall made silly expressions.

Loving life: The group partied up a storm as Taylor belted out her greatest hits 

The crew had a blast as they danced the night away with Taylor’s top hits playing in the background. They were truly enjoying life to the fullest.

She's a fan: Kendall appeared to be getting into things as she watched Taylor do her thing

Well-groomed: She played with her hair as the night went on

Kendall seemed to be enjoying herself as she observed Taylor’s performance, indicating that she is a fan.

Firm friends: Kendall looked on as Gigi pointed out something in the distance 

Kendall observed her close pal Gigi as she gestured towards something far away. The two of them have a close bond.

Warming them up: Taylor's close friend Ellie Goulding got the crowd ready for the main event

Getting the crowd pumped up for the main show, Taylor’s chum Ellie Goulding took the stage and set the tone.

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