Witness Miley Cyrus’ Performance of Two Clean ‘Bangerz’ Tracks on Her Television Special

The NBC special featuring Miley Cyrus was unlike her usual controversial Bangerz tour performances that involve twerking, jerking and weed. The two-hour show captured some of the fun moments from her recent concerts in Spain and Portugal, including her ride down a massive tongue slide, dancing with furries, and working out on a car’s hood. The special also showed her singing Dolly Parton backstage and spending time with her sister. Moreover, it proved that Miley Cyrus is not just about controversies but can also sing and perform amazingly.

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In the song “Wrecking Ball,” the ex-Ms. Montana was seen wearing a white unitard that resembled either a one-piece swimsuit with a hood or a costume borrowed from the Eighties Ice Capades backstage. The audience sang along to the emotional chorus, with no need for the controversial nudity often associated with Terry Richardson’s work.

In the meantime, Cyrus performed “We Can’t Stop” at the American Music Awards in November with the help of a singing kitten. This was the same version she sang during her infamous twerking performance at the VMAs less than a year ago. However, she still managed to put on an extravagant show with dancers sporting foam Number One hands, women dressed as cigarette lighters, and one person dressed like a blunt, cleverly disguised enough to bypass TV censorship.

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